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Georgia Teen Kicked Out of Home for Being Bisexual

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Nov 4, 2013

A teen from Georgia says that his parents kicked him out of their home after they found out he is bisexual.

According to the Huffington Post, the 18-year-old, only known as Nick, posted a YouTube video of him recounting the incident, explaining that his stepmother and his father tossed his belongings on to the front lawn, took his car, cell phone and money out of his savings account.

Since being kicked out of the house, local Good Samaritan, Steve Bevers, whose mother-in-law works with Nick, welcomed him into his home and set up a GoFundMe page in order to help the teen out. The profile says Nick is a freshman at Kennesaw State University and is from Marietta, Georgia, about 20 miles north of Atlanta. It also explains that someone told the teen's parents he is gay (though in Nick's YouTube video, he identifies as bisexual).

"They kicked him out of his home. While he was at work they showed up and took the car that was in their name, even though he made the payments on it," the profile reads. "They put all his stuff on the front yard, and told him to come pick it up before it gets stolen.

"And to add insult to all that injury, they then used the fact that his bank accounts were 'custodial accounts' to take all his funds, taking the considerable amount he had saved up over the past 3 years working as a bag boy at Publix," the profile reads. It goes on to say the teen doesn't have a mode of transportation to get to school and that his parents "emptied his accounts."

"Worst of all, he has felt that the people most responsible for loving and protecting him through anything have turned their backs and don't care where he's sleeping, or how he's going to feed himself," the profile reads.

Bevers also spoke to the Huffington Post about Nick's situation and said he was "flabbergasted" when he heard the teen's parents kicked him out over his sexual orientation.

"I couldn't understand how a parent could do that. While I'm sure there are multiple sides to the story, I just was amazed. I was hurt. The first thing I asked was, 'Does he need a place to stay? Does he need some money?'"

The GoFundMe page's goal is $15,000 but as of this writing, Nick has earned more than $22,000.

On Oct. 24 Nick uploaded a video of him thanking people who have donated money and explained what happened to him.

"This whole thing started when my stepmom caught wind of me being bisexual," he said. "I don't know where she got her information from, but I know it wasn't from me. She didn't like that and neither did my dad. I got told some very vulgar and disgusting things... That's why I didn't tell them, because I wasn't ready."

Bevers also told HuffPo that he is "absolutely blown away" and "amazed, humbled and once again, I had my faith in humanity restored," because of the support Nick has received.

"Bad things happen -- that will always be the truth. But what this showed me is that people want to help. People want to give and to trust," he said.

Watch Nick's video below:


  • JaimeB, 2013-11-04 19:19:31

    These "parents" don’t deserve the name. They are brutal and heartless. They will tell you that what they did was out of "love" for their boy. From another point of view, they look like liars and thieves. I pray all children will be spared "parents" such as these.

  • , 2013-11-04 21:26:30

    Would be even more interesting if anyone got the parents side of the story. I know Nick and his story is 100% a lie. They never kicked him out, he chose to leave because he didn’t want to live their rules. Grow up kid, You had it good! Shame on you for posting your family thru this. They have always been by your side. Did you honestly think they didn’t know you were gay? They knew, there was never a question.

  • , 2013-11-05 07:32:40

    Clearly a scam. His step mother took her name off his account on the day he left. She didn’t want to be responsible. For any of his over drafts. By the way, the car was in the parents make. It was leased and the teen had an agreement to make the payments. There were still over 20 payments left on the lease which the teen was responsible for. The parents wanted him to take the car to get to and from work and school, he threw the keys at them in front of the police and said he didn’t want anything from them. Did I mention he assaulted his step mom? Did she press charges, No because she didn’t want to ruin his life or college. I watched the entire thing, I’m a neighbor. Those parents live for all of their children. It’s horrible how his story is the only one being heard. His sister’s are now being harassed at school. This teen had no conscious. If anyone was malicious he may want to look in the mirror.

  • fleebness, 2013-11-05 08:31:35

    If Anonymous’ claims are true, the journalist at Huffington did a very poor job of researching the story, which is a disservice to the community. Journalists may find plenty of true stories of this sort of abuse easily enough without having to find a spoiled brat who happens to be bisexual. In fact, a few months ago, I recall reading a very good article about some homeless LGBT youths in Florida and some people attempting to help them. I would ask, though, how and why Anonymous elected to find this particular hole in the internet and relate this sort of information. Not out of malice, mind you, but curiosity... I’ve always felt most people don’t care what we think. I’m actually honored that you feel otherwise. And I’d urge you to try and contact proper journalists covering the story before it gets out of hand, if it isn’t already too late.

  • , 2013-11-05 09:12:10

    Unfortunately it has gotten out of hand. The family has spoken to attorneys and they have done nothing wrong. Notice the media doesn’t use their names because they have no proof of these allegations. They are careful because once they do, the family can and should go after them. I’m just a concerned friends to these parents and I think the public has the right to know. I’m sick of Just seeing an 18 year olds point of view. These are hard working people that don’t deserve this. My heart goes out to them.

  • fleebness, 2013-11-05 09:29:05

    Jason St. Amand reported this story for The Edge, and lists himself as an editor. You can probably contact him indirectly through according to this web site’s Contact Us page. On the original Huffington Post web page, there’s a link reading "Suggest a correction" near a "Contribute to this Story" buried on the page. I wouldn’t blame you for not finding it, though, as it really is buried. If I were still a journalist, I would take an interest in researching this part of the story. Although I wouldn’t blame you for being careful, as some journalists are more interested in news-o-tainment than reporting the truth (and I’m really not sure about Huffington Post along these lines). Still, it’s worth a shot to see if these are good journalists or not. Try both journalists, though. If Huffington Post isn’t interested in what you have to say, perhaps The Edge will take interest.

  • , 2013-11-05 20:18:53

    I know the parents have reached out to the Huff Post but have not received a response. Just goes to show that smut and lies sells and the truth is boring. It sure would be nice for the truth to come out.

  • , 2013-11-06 11:30:15

    Your comments might have weight if you didn’t post them anonymously.

  • , 2013-11-06 12:38:38

    For fear of being harassed as the family already has, I will remain anonymous. I encourage all of you to investigate his story further. He is not the sweet, innocent person in the video he portrays, not is he the victim. I’ve seen him first hand in action. I wish the Huff Post would respond to the family. They even reached out to the Bevers family that took him, answered their questions via email with a 5 page email back and documented proof he’s full of bologna but they didn’t respond after that. Makes you wonder are they the kind hatred people they claim to be or are they getting something out of it too?

  • , 2013-11-07 12:27:17

    UPDATE: Nick’s father sent the following response to this story to The Huffington Post: Bottom line, Nick had posted his personal business ALL over social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, We asked him to come down stairs and verified that it was true. My wife and I have known for 3-4 years Nick was gay, that was NEVER our issue. Our issues stemmed from him admitting to drinking and driving, getting suspended at work for a week for insulting his supervisor, blasting his personal business all over social media for future employers/nursing school applications to read, and his down right disrespect to every member of our household, especially his sisters by giving them graphic details of his sexual encounter with a 26 year old man (not something 3 teenaged girls need to hear from their big brother). Nick has a chip on his shoulder and a temper as well. We gave him 4 rules: 1)take down all Social Media for 30 days because it was consuming his life and he could be posting things that 5 years from now he will regret 2)that he was not grounded BUT he was to drive to and from work and/or school with our car until he proved he was making better decisions and not drinking and driving 3)he needed to change departments at work because he was currently reporting directly to the ex-girlfriend that got him suspended for a week (I even went & talked to his manager for him & that was his suggestion) 4) that he needed to seek counseling to process all of this and deal with the anger he has towards his biological mother At no point in time did we kick him out. He chose to leave because he didn’t want to abide by our rules. Rules that were still pretty lenient considering. He showed up at the house after his first day back to work from his suspension, started yelling, cursing and threw his car keys at my wife, then assaulted her and grabbed her. She was offered to press charges by the police (that Nick called) but didn’t want to ruin his college career or chances of getting into nursing school. He said, "I don’t want shit from you people". We told him, "Nick you only have 6 weeks left in this semester. Lets get you through it and we will find you an apartment and get you moved if you don’t want to stay here". About the car, it is a leased vehicle that we leased for Nick with an agreement that he would make the car payments, pay for insurance and gas. He agreed to all of those terms and we told him he would be responsible for all 36 payments no matter what, again, he agreed. As for taking his money, Nick was well aware that the remaining payments for his car were transferred to our account. We told him repeatedly take the car you are going to need it, we will make sure the payments are made. He again refused to take it. His sisters were present with all of our conversations with him so for him to lie and say that we took his money, his car and kicked him out is a down right lie. We didn’t ask Nick to leave and we certainly wouldn’t put out one of our children because of their sexual orientation. We are way too laid back for that. Kind Regards, Nick’s Dad

  • BlondieSL, 2013-11-07 12:39:33

    The Huff will have to print that story then. Once it is, would you please be so kind as to post the URL in here for all to see? Thanks

  • , 2013-11-07 12:48:24

    They did post it, that is where I copy and pasted it from, it says UPDATE

  • BlondieSL, 2013-11-07 12:54:36

    Thanks. Perhaps whomever set up that fund site for him should return all the money back to the kind hearted donators

  • , 2013-11-07 13:08:06

    Exactly my thoughts! I would also think that the people who created the account would have talked to the parents first. Such a shame that they were attacked via media and they did nothing wrong.

  • fleebness, 2013-11-07 14:32:21

    Thanks for the update, Anonymous. Of course, one will have to weigh which person is telling the truth, but I suspect the parents have more truth in them here. Not a great way to start one’s adult life, but some lessons come with more effort than others, I guess. I hope the family, as a whole, come to a resolution that doesn’t involve having to put such business out for everyone to see.

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