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Rebecca Black 2.0? Sort of, Except Racist

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Oct 17, 2013

The "masterminds" behind Ark Music Factory, the company that gave us Rebecca Black and her infamous ultimate-meme track "Friday," are back with another terrible song called "Chinese Food," sung by Alison Gold.

Though "Friday" was just irritatingly awful, Ark Music Factory, co-founded by Patrice Wilson (who "raps" in the videos) and Clarence Jey, finds a way to eclipse Black's dreadful song by making "Chinese Food" extremely offensive.

"Chinese Food" has all the tropes that cluttered "Friday" - a cute tween girl singing atrocious lyrics about everyday life, Auto-Tuned vocals, a shoddy music video and heavy synths with a club-ready beat. But this time, probably to get some attention, Ark has added a touch of racism.

E! Online writes:

"The video starts with Alison Gold (Gold, Black, see a pattern here? We have a feeling this was intentional) singing, 'After balling, I go clubbing!' We think. The song has a lot of autotune. But a 12-year-old (ish) singing about clubbing! Great!"

Gold then sings about her favorite Chinese food dishes but after that, things take an uncomfortable turn:

"Then Alison Gold reads her fortune cookie and discovers that she'll find a new friend: A panda. Or, more (in)appropriately, a person in a panda suit... The panda takes off its head and it's a grown ass man. It's Patrice," E! writes.

"And he's hanging out at a sleepover filled with little girls. Having a pillow fight," E! adds. "This has to be trolling, right? The comparisons to Pedobear are way too easy. Oh, and he squinting his eyes and rapping in an "Asian" voice. Which just seems racist."

Other questionable content includes: the subtitles at the bottom of the video, which changes language throughout the clip and Gold's Asian "friends" who serve her and then dress up as geishas (which are from Japanese culture) towards the end of the video.

The Hollywood Reporter reports "Chinese Food" will debut on Billboard next week. The publication also points out Gold has been involved in other Ark productions. She makes up half of the hip-hop duo Tweenchronic, which released "Skip Rope" earlier this year. Though that video has less than 600,000 views, "Chinese Food," which was posted on Oct. 14 currently has more than 7 million hits.

Watch "Chinese Food" below:


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