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Out HGTV Star Criticized for Hosting Salvation Army Fundraiser

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Sep 30, 2013

Openly gay HGTV star David Bromstad has come under fire for planning to host an upcoming event for the Salvation Army, Towleroad reports.

On Oct. 18, Bromstand, best know for hosting the HGTV show "Color Splash," will host the Red Shield ReDesign Bash in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but has drawn criticism from some fans for his participation in the event. The Salvation Army has a history of anti-gay behavior -- homeless LGBT people have complained that the organization has turned them down over their sexual orientation, while others have said they were discriminated against in the hiring process.

After several of Bromstand's fans expressed disappointment with his involvement with the Salvation Army, the designer took to Facebook to defend himself:

"Dear fans,

I've read your feedback on my participation with The Salvation Army USA, as an openly gay person who just happens to also be a celebrity, I took the Salvation Army's request to participate in their fundraiser as one step in the right direction towards equality," he wrote on Saturday. "If we simply separate ourselves from those that we assume oppose us or our beliefs then we will never make strides in the right direction. I applaud the Salvation Army's symbolic handshake towards acceptance and would be foolish to not extend my hand in acceptance."

Bromstand's post has sparked a slew of comments, with hundreds of Facebook users commenting on his status; several disapproving of the designer's participation with the organization. As of this writing, the post has more than 2,500 likes and 50 shares.

"While I applaud your efforts at bridge building, David, I know of specific cases in the Atlanta area where the SA turned away LGBT families - with children in tow - from their food pantry," one user writes.

"Really? You see hungry children, and because their parents are 2 mommies, you just let them go hungry? It is because of these actions, which are not at all Christian, that I cannot support SA in any way."

"They have been called out COUNTLESS times and they keep going back to bigot town. I do not trust them. Period end of story," another wrote.

"Dislike David. I want to believe all people are capable of change, but when an organization publiclly[sic] expresses their hate my OUR KIND, they will never get another one of My Gay Dollars or support. They can Glad-hand all they want it wont work on me. I respect your right to be used as a puppet for them if you choose, in my mind personally it changes nothing for me. Have a Great Day!"


  • MNrainbow, 2013-09-30 23:48:22

    I agree with others, NEVER will I support any person or organization that does not believe in equal rights! If they don’t support me I won’t support them either!

  • , 2013-10-02 21:21:15

    David is a Hollywood sellout! Too bad he has more respect for the almighty dollar and none for himself or the LGBTQ community

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