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Madonna Answers Hot Questions in Reddit AMA

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

Joining the ranks of Al Gore, Stephen Colbert and Bill Gates, Madonna was the latest celebrity to participate in Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" open Q&A forum on Monday, where the pop star responded online to an array of questions covering topics that ranged from human rights, to whether she would be a top or bottom if she was gay the Huffington Post reports.

After a workout, Madonna sat down at her computer to answer Reddit's users' questions that included one query about whether she would be a top or bottom if she were a gay man.

"I am a gay man," Madonna replied.

She later told users that she has a bong shaped like a penis and that she wants to turn Frank Ocean straight (though he's never specifically stated if he's gay or bisexual).

Another user asked Madonna how she would help Africa's LGBT community. The "Material Girl" said she's currently working on it and has already spoken out against anti-gay laws in Malawi, where same-sex activity and relationships are criminalized. She also said that in order to help progress world peace, religion and politics should remain separate.

Madonna has slammed Russia's controversial "homosexual propaganda" law in the past, and she told Reddit that censorship of musicians like Russia's Pussy Riot, gives her inspiration.

She also suggested that she may put out a new record next year because the "creative juices are flowing."

During the Q&A, without going into many details, Madonna mentioned a "secret project."

Tuesday, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer revealed that she was working on a short film titled "secretprojectrevolution" which will debut online on Sept. 24, and launch her new Art for Freedom Initiative, an online public art project created by Madonna to address global intolerance through artistic expression.


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