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Steve Grand Shares Second Music Video, ’Stay’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Sep 9, 2013

Singer-song writer Steve Grand, who has been hailed by some as the first openly gay male country singer, has released his second music video called "Stay."

Grand became an Internet celebrity after releasing the music video for his single "All-American Boy" on YouTube in July. The clip went viral and currently has more than 2 million views and 47,000 likes.

Although Grand doesn't end up with the guy in "All-American Boy," things work out better for the musician in "Stay." The video shows Grand, who is often shirtless, at a beach party with his hunky boyfriend (the two are definitely in the honeymoon phase), singing the infectious chorus, "My old man is out of town for a couple of days / I think you should stay with me all summer / stay with me under the covers / stay with me and be my lover."

The video for "Stay" was released on Friday, Sept. 6 and has nearly 170,000 views.

"Want to start this week off by thanking some of the people who brought their talents and creativity and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make ’STAY’ everything it is," Grand wrote on Facebook on Monday. "Director Jason Knade, Producer and CinematographerDigital Skylight (Brendan), executive producer Chris Ricchetti, and wardrobe/project manager Ricardo Sebastian @ Luxury Management, and so many more. Would never have done this project without them! Go show them some love! We’re really proud of this one, and hope you guys are enjoying."

Shortly after the released of "All-American Boy," Grand spoke out against "ex-gay" therapy and confessed that his parents enrolled him in "straight therapy" after he came out in the eighth grade.

"I felt like I was really a shame to my parents, and I felt like there was no way I could ever make them proud," Grand said. "I felt like I was a constant disappointment."

In an exclusive interview with EDGE, Grand admitted that he does not consider himself a country singer, saying, "I didn’t even start listening to country until very recently, so it’s quite possible that some of that has rubbed off on me and has seeped into some of my more recent songwriting efforts."

He also discussed being raised in the Catholic faith and said it was difficult for him to come out because of his upbringing.

"When I was 13, I realized that I was gay and at that moment I believed my childhood ended," Grand told EDGE. "For the first time ever, I had this big secret burden I had to deal with all on my own. It was the first time in my life I felt I really wanted to die. I felt sick to my stomach every day, and I just prayed and prayed it would go away. My parents knew right away because they had been filtering my AOL instant message conversations where I had told a couple friends."

Grand also announced he is currently working on an EP.

Watch the music vide for "Stay" below:


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