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Limbaugh Concludes: Trayvon was a Gay Basher

by Michael  Cox
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Rush Limbaugh made a good point on his radio show when he suggested that much of what we know about the interaction between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman "is a pure media fabrication." As a member of the media, his latest comments show he doesn't want to be left out of this propagandizing.

Feeding off of Rachel Jeantel's comments on CNN, Limbaugh concluded that Martin was shot because he was a "gay basher," and the shooting occurred because of "the Obama economy."

On CNN's "Piers Morgan Live" Monday night, Jeantel said she informed Martin that Zimmerman "might be a rapist." This occurred in a telephone call Jeantel had with Martin. Martin was a pedestrian and Zimmerman followed him in a truck.

She explained that this frightened Martin because "for every man, every - who's not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?"

Limbaugh interpreted Jeantel's remarks and said, "Well, here's what she said... She's reporting and recounting her telephone call... I'm translating for you. 'Zimmerman might be a rapist.' That makes him gay. He's a guy, folks. Male rapist."

"Trayvon Martin, who is the recipient of full-fledged, 100 percent victim status, it turns out could well be a gay basher," Limbaugh said, "and the left has been defending him. So what do they do? They have two interest groups here that they represent and champion: African-Americans and homosexuals, and in this incident, the object of their affection (in this case, Trayvon Martin), might have thought he was being pursued by a gay guy and beat him up, or tried to.

"Trayvon Martin who the media has made practically an angel, we now find from no less than Rachel Jeantel, started beating up on Zimmerman because he thought, based on what Jeantel said, he might be gay. So Trayvon Martin, this angel...actually is a gay basher," Limbaugh said.

To Limbaugh this seemed a better explanation than racism.

"The racial component is a pure media fabrication because of the existence of [the left wing media's] narrative that this nation is still, essentially, a slave state."

"It was about economics," the talk show host says. "You've got a bunch of people in this community that are barely hanging on. They've worked very hard to get where they are and there are all kinds of robberies and things, and they're just tired of being stolen from, and they've got a Neighborhood Watch and so forth. It's about the Obama economy."

Watch a clip of Jeantel on "Piers Morgan Live" below:


  • WayGay, 2013-07-19 09:06:19

    I’m with Wanda Sykes here; I hope his kidneys fail.

  • Wayne M., 2013-07-19 21:49:40

    Rush Lamebrain’s rhetoric is typically racist as well as homophobic and so typical of the far right as they seek to divide and conquer. The best way to overcome oppression is for African Americans, Native Americans, other People of Colour, women and LGBT people to be unified and remember that an injury to one is an injury to all.

  • GAG'EM, 2013-07-19 23:24:10

    I’ll quote Al Franken: "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot."

  • cc, 2013-07-21 18:28:08

    Aww, Rush baby, we thought u were off of the drugs but here u go again!

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