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PETA Protests on Penis Shaped Pillars Near Pittsburgh

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Oct 4, 2013

Following a series of stories filed by Sam Wood of surrounding local outrage over phallic-shaped pillars lining a road in a Pittsburgh suburb, People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered to offset the cost of reshaping the concrete pillars in exchange for permission to advertise on the offending objects.

Last month, residents of Scott Township, located outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., registered complaints over newly installed pillars or bollards which were meant to keep traffic from driving into nearby structures. As reported by, several local residents complained that the bollards, which have an elongated shaft and a bell-shaped top, look like oversized parts of the male anatomy. Others claimed friends have mocked the columns and dubbed their street "Penis Road."

Commissioner Bill Wells suggested flattening the tops of the bollards might improve the appearance, but officials are unsure of the cost, reported.

Enter PETA with a solution to help offset the cost of the proposed concrete circumcision by way of a marketing opportunity for the animal rights advocacy group.

In a letter to the Scott Township Manager Denise H. Fitzgerald, PETA wrote:

"We've heard that some residents have a bone to pick with the recently installed bollards in the Glendale area, which they feel closely resemble male genitalia. In order to help cover the costs of flattening the tips of the pillars that are causing such a rise with some residents, we would like to pay to place pro-vegan, anti-impotence ads on the bollards, which would read, 'Here's a tip: Go vegan to beat impotence! PETA.' "

Not all residents have taken issue with the bollards. In a news report filed on The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, town commissioner Pat Caruso attributed the remarks to people with "weird minds."


  • MNrainbow, 2013-10-05 18:07:04

    OMG, some people need to grow up! Including the whiners that want the poles replaced... Paint them a solid bright color and move on.

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