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Man Orders Penis Enhancer Online, Receives Magnifying Glass

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Throw away those pills and pumps! A new penis enhancing device is on the market that when used properly is guaranteed to make your member appear larger. It will also make you toes, fingers land even that paperclip on your desk grow in size when utilized,The Star reports.

A Malaysian man received a big shock when he opened the package for the penis enhancing apparatus he ordered online only to find an ordinary magnifying glass.

Unsatisfied, the man, who is identified only as "Ong," took his case to the government.

"When he received the package, he was shocked to find a magnifying glass inside," said MCA Public Service and Complaint Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong, adding that "the instructions that came with the package merely read 'Do not use in sunlight',"

Ong reportedly paid 450 Malaysian ringgit or approximately $140 USD for the handheld enhancer.

A local lawyer ironically named Alex Kok seemed less than optimistic about Ong's chances of getting his money back, due to the dubious nature of the business.

"It is especially hard is there is no proof of purchase, such as receipts" Kok noted, adding that "We wouldn't know who to sue or where and how to sue them."

For now, until a reputable penis enhancing device can be purchased online, it is probably best for Ong to save his cash, drop his pants and look in a side view mirror where "objects appear larger than they are."


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