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Giant Wooden Penis Chained To Putin Critic’s Car

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Feb 6, 2014

Got wood?

Just when you thought that things in Russian couldn't get ... uh .. any harder, a noted Twitter satirist and vocal critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin awoke last week to find a giant wooden penis chained to her car, reports.

Prominent Putin critic Katya Romanovskay left her Moscow apartment last Monday to discover that a 200 pound elaborately carved penis had been chained to the hood and roof of her BMW 3-Series sedan. According to the New Republic, upon further inspection Romanovskay discovered that the shaft of the wooden phallus was made out of one tree trunk and had elaborately carved veins. Two smaller, yet sizable pieces of wood were attached to each side at the base. Judging from photos posted on the Facebook account of Persident Roissi, the wooden penis appears to be circumcized.

The New Republic further reports that Romanovskay and her writing partner Arseny Bobrovsky reported the incident to police, but found it difficult to get anyone on the Moscow Police Department to stop laughing long enough to make up the report. Same with the witnesses needed to sign the report. The "hood ornament" became a sort of ephemeral attraction on the street with numerous bystanders stopping to take photos or videos before Romanovskay and Bobrovsky brought it into her apartment until they could find a proper place to put it.

The prank is believed to be the work of Nashi, a pro-Kremlin youth group founded in 2005 and encouraged by senior figures in the Russian Presidential administration. The group, whose members are mostly between the ages of 17 and 25 are widely considered to be Putin's private army.

Romanovskay and Bobrovsky run a hugely popular satirical Russian Twitter account called @KremlinRussia which publishes political commentary in the vein of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."


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