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Anti-Gay Pastor: Don't Hate Me But Gays Are Possessed By Smelly Demons

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

Pastor Bert Farias, founder of Holy Fire Ministries, is raising hell this week by way of an article on Christian news site Charisma News Tuesday, where he asked gay people not to "get upset with me" for telling them "the raw, naked truth about homosexuality," saying being gay is a choice and gay people are possessed by "putrid smelling" demons that even pigs won't tolerate.

According to Right Wing Watch, Farias' message comes from a place of love. In the article, called "The Raw Naked Truth About Homosexuality," he said gay people "will see that I am actually trying to help you." He adds that "choosing" to be gay puts one at risk of engaging in "unclean practices that open up a person to the demonic." Once that happens, gays will be controlled by disgusting-smelling demons that even pigs don't want to be around.

"Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid smelling demon that other demons don't even like to hang around it," the pastor writes. "A genuine prophet of God told me that the Lord allowed him to smell this demon spirit, and he got sick to his stomach. And yet as humans, many embrace this demon. Yes, you heard me right. Being gay is demonic."

Farias cites a Biblical story in his article, where "Jesus casts out 2,000 demons out of a man. The demons came out screaming and begged Jesus to send them into the pigs. The pigs didn't want them, so they ran down a steep hill and were drowned in the sea. Pigs have more sense than some humans. People embrace homosexual demons, but the pigs would rather die than be possessed with demons."

The pastor goes on to say that, "homosexuality is a sign that a society is in the last stages of decay. And here is another terrible truth: As people continue to reject God, He gives them over to increasingly immoral and self-destructive activities. There are destructive physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences resulting from homosexual behavior."

He concluded: "Our culture's acceptance and celebration of gay behavior will never make it right. Wrong is wrong no matter how many people are for it. And right is right no matter how many people are against it. Homosexuality is not new. It's been around for thousands of years. It's as old as the devil himself."


  • Spikbear, 2014-07-23 15:06:38

    OMDP!! (Oh my demon pigs) is this guy for real? He says homosexuality is a choice after all science behind it.. then he really believes that Jesus let deamons out and pigs refused them?? He really belives that as truth and a real event? Yo pastor, have you ever heard of fables? No wonder that so call real christians are in so bad shape imagine having a farm and your pig telling you "I dont want that food, give something else and you will not be having the other white meat either"

  • , 2014-07-23 15:22:10

    I’m a gay male and own a farm........I have three pygmy potbelly pigd and they follow my partner and I everywhere like lost pups. I don’t think they lay in my lap if this were true.

  • patroy, 2014-07-23 15:45:42

    The foul smelling demon this idiot is smelling is his own hatered. Anyone this anti-"anything" is hiding something. Pastor Bert needs to worry about the skeletons banging around in "her" closet before saying things about other!!

  • , 2014-07-24 10:26:41

    As an evangelical Christian with same sex attractions, this article is troubling to say the least. It is this sort of judgmental attitude that is hindering the spread of the gospel to the LGBT and the wider society. I would ask the author to consider 1 Cor 6:9-10, verses that are incorrectly used to condemn homosexuals. These verses indicate that homosexual acts are sinful, but they also put homosexual acts in the same category as greed, hate, other sexual immorality, etc. The singling out of homosexuality for contempt is precisely the kind of judgmental spirit Jesus spoke against, a spirit that must be repented of so that the gospel of Jesus is not hindered by it. I write about these matters in my new blog Confessions of a Gay Evangelical Christian

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