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Diver Tom Daley’s Family Supports His Coming Out

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Dec 3, 2013

Olympic diver Tom Daley's family have been vocal about their support for the athlete, who became the subject of an anti-gay backlash on Twitter after revealing that he is in a relationship with a man.

Daley's grandparents told the British newspaper the Daily Mail that they were a little "confused" over the diver's announcement, but said that they will support him no matter what.

"We asked him if he was absolutely sure. He's our first grandson from our son who died," Daley's grandparents said. "We have always been supportive of him and we always will. We're not old-fashioned, in fact we're quite liberal. But I do think he's too young to be making this sort of decision... But we hugged him, we thanked him for coming to see us, and we'll be seeing him over Christmas. We'll always be here for Tom."

Daley, 19, made international headlines on Monday when he posted a YouTube video explaining that he is currently in a relationship with a man. In the clip, he said he's only told a few people about his relationship, including his mother Debbie, who has been "very supportive," as well. He did add, however, that other family members had "mixed opinions" about his coming out.

"Lots of them didn't believe it," Daley said. "Lots of them wanted me to keep it quiet. Some said: 'Why don't you do a statement?' Some said: 'Why don't you do a magazine cover? Why don't you do a TV interview?' But I didn't want my words twisted. I wanted to put an end to all the rumors, the speculation and just say it and tell you guys, because it's what I want to do."

Despite the support Daley has received, some Twitter users spewed anti-gay remarks towards him after learning his announcement. You can check out the slew of disgusting comments here.

Watch Daley's video, which currently has more than 5 million views, below:


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    I love to swim in your beautiful, warm, inviting smile every day! Bless you always. Greetings from Nick in New York.

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