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’Serial Tickler’ on the Loose in Boston

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

A fetishist has graduated from Elmo dolls to humans.

Boston police said this week they are investigating three overnight home invasions where at least one person was "tickled" by an alleged masked man, reports.

All three incidents occurred within an hour-and-a-half of each other and within a quarter of a mile radius in the Boston neighborhood of Brighton.

David Master, a student at Boston College, told Boston's CBS-affiliate WBZ that his roommate woke up to the suspect tickling him.

"He felt tickling on his foot that he thought was the cat, woke up and there was a man crouched right beside his bed," Master said.

Neva Coakley, a spokeswoman for Boston police, told the Boston Globe that all three victims said the suspect was a man wearing light color clothing and a black facemask. Coakley added that the man ran away when the victims tried to approach him.

None of the victims reported stolen items and say the doors to their homes were unlocked.

According to, they reported on a similar incident on May 27, which prompted police to investigate. Authorities say, however, they had only identified one incident in the last two years where a foot was touched and that they were not aware of any police reports that referenced actions such as "tickling."

The Globe reports Boston Police are currently "investigating the incident."


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