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Gay Mich. Teen’s House Vandalized With Anti-Gay Slurs

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday May 2, 2014

A gay high school student's house was spray-painted with anti-gay slurs this week. The teen's family says it's the latest attack by bullies who are targeting him because of his sexuality, reports.

Melanie Peabody, the mother of Levi Peabody, 16, of Clio, Mich., pointed out the graffiti to the news station and said that she and her husband tried to wipe off the anti-gay slur, but traces still remain.

"It does hurt," Levi Peabody told KSN. "As much as I don't want to admit it, it does hurt that someone would dislike me that much to do something to my window."

The family says they believe their son’s classmates are behind the attack. After the incident, they installed a security camera in their bedrooms in hopes they will find the suspects

"I want the kid that did this to get caught," Melanie said. "I mean it’s disgusting."

According to the Genesee County Sheriff’s department, authorities are working with school officials in Clio to find potential suspects through handwriting samples.

"I don’t think anybody deserves that type of vandalism," Jolaina Walling, a neighbor of the Peabody family, said.


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