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Gift Guide for Fitness and the Outdoors

By Cesar Reyes | Dec 10
If you love the outdoors, or someone on your list adores communing with nature and fresh air, then the following are some of the "not to miss" items to stuff under the preverbial tree.

GMCLA: Cool Yule

By Chris Carpenter | Dec 10
Ah, the traditional sights of the holiday season can be found all around the greater Los Angeles area: Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen (typically of the plastic variety), elves and lumberjacks. Wait a minute, lumberjacks?

Christmas Queens :: Bequeathing Yuletide Cheer

By Tony Reverditto | Dec 10
After the mammoth success of the last holiday season's "Christmas Queens" tour, the queens are once again gracing stages for 2016 and upping their game with "Christmas Queens 2."

Hillary Clinton Warns of the Dangers of Fake News

Dec 10
Following her defeat in the recent presidential election, Hillary Clinton issued a warning about the threat of fake news.

John Glenn, First American to Orbit the Earth and U.S. Senator, Dead at 95

Dec 10
John Glenn, legendary astronaut and senator, has died CBS News reports on Glenn's life and accomplishments.

Scientists Develop Robotic Hand for People With Quadriplegia

By Frank Jordans | Dec 10
Scientists have developed a mind-controlled robotic hand that allows people with certain types of spinal injuries to perform everyday tasks such as using a fork or drinking from a cup.

Apple Pays $450,000 for Alleged Hazardous Waste Violations

Dec 10
Apple is paying $450,000 to settle allegations that the iPhone maker operated and closed two hazardous-waste processing plants without submitting the proper paperwork to California environmental regulators.

Mindful of Amazon, Malls Take the Santa Experience High Tech

By Joseph Pisani | Dec 10
The Santa experience has gotten a makeover as many malls install shows and games they hope will lure shoppers who are buying more online.

Rhode Island School of Design Works With NASA on Mars Suit

By Jennifer McDermott | Dec 10
When scientists are trying to figure out how to live in near-isolation in a dome to simulate a Mars mission, the last thing they'll need is an ill-fitting space suit. So one of the nation's top design schools has come to the rescue.

Army Promotes Taylor To Major General

By John McDonald | Dec 10
For the first time in history, an openly gay male officer has achieved the rank of Major General in the United States Army.

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