First Gay Culture Festival on Greek Isle of Skiathos in July 2012

Monday May 14, 2012

SKIATHOS, Greece - The 1st International Gay Culture Festival will be held in 12-15 July 2012 on the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, Greece. Young artists from all around the world will display their works and will join forces during the G Festival.

The fabled Mediterranean light and inspiration combine with culture and beauty to form the first gay culture festival taking place on the cosmopolitan Greek island of Skiathos.

Supported by the association of Tourism Promotion & Marketing of Skiathos, the festival brings together artists and photographers who combine their powers and create a unique and beautiful environment for your joy and entertainment.

Be a part of the party with four full days of art, featuring "Seduction" as the main theme. The eternal temptation of seduction - and love - meet in the unique secret paradise.

Find immortal love in the ultimate meeting point of the Mediterranean.

Stage productions will exemplify the seduction theme. Seductive parties will materialize on and off the island, leaving you with unforgettable and unique experiences.

Fly to Skiathos, meet gay singles, party all day, swim in the crystal waters of Skiathos beaches, wander around the romantic streets of Skiathos Town, and experience Greece at its best.

The organizers have carefully selected a number of services that will meet your needs and make your stay exclusive.

You can plan your package by choosing amongst a number of luxury hotels, studios, villas, or rooms to let. Sail on a luxury yacht and go island hopping. Fly a private plane with your friends to Skiathos - or rent a luxury vehicle. Have an adventure while biking.

Spend an unforgettable holiday in Skiathos and live your myth in Greece!


The Gay Culture Festival commences on 12-15 July 2012 on the Greek island of Skiathos. Young artists from all around the world will display their works and will join forces during G FESTIVAL.

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Check out the Skiathos Gay video here: Gay Culture Festival video

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