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Pope Francis' Push to End Sexual Abuse

The Pope is taking action against sexual abuse among the clergy, but is the action anything more than cosmetic?

Victim from Prep School Sexual Assault Case Speaks Out

The victim from the St. Paul's prep school rape case is speaking out publicly about her experience Fellow student Owen Labrie served a year in jail for misdemeanor sexual assault charges.

More Victims of San Mateo Rapist Come Forward

CRIME | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Aug 20
Several more men have come forward saying they're victims of a San Mateo County man who's already charged with raping other men, according to police.

Baylor's Strict Conduct Code May Have Silenced Rape Victims

CORPORATE | By Jim Vertuno | Aug 3
The sexual assault scandal that took down Baylor University's president and revered football coach also found a problem with a bedrock of the school's faith-based education: A student conduct code banning alcohol, drugs and premarital sex.

Did Judge Let Ex-Stanford Swimmer Off Easy with Sex Assault Sentence?

CRIME | Jun 8
A northern California judge faces outrage over a former college swimmer's six-month sentence.

Special Report: Gay Drug-and-Rape Victims Rise Up and Speak

NATIONAL | By Anthony Martinez Brown | Feb 20
Gay men meet other men off hookup websites or apps. There's also bars and parties. Regardless of where first contact is made, the chance of being drugged and raped very much exists here and elsewhere.

Former Arkansas Prison Chaplain Charged with Sexual Assault

NATIONAL | By Claudia Lauer | Dec 18
A former chaplain at an Arkansas women's prison was charged with sexual assault Thursday, after authorities said he coerced three inmates into having weekly sexual encounters with him.

Peace Corps Volunteers Claim Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Assaults

Pressure to change a culture of victim-blaming goes back years, but some survivors still claim they are blamed or punished.

Suit: Connecticut Scoutmaster Abused 19 Kids in '60s, '70s

NATIONAL | By Dave Collins | Nov 18
Seventeen men and two women are suing the Boy Scouts of America and local chapters in Connecticut, saying a now-dead scoutmaster sexually abused them when they were children in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hundreds of Cops Lose Badges Over Sexual Misconduct

CRIME | By Matt Sedensky and Nomaan Merchant | Nov 2
The accusations are undoubtedly jolting, and yet they reflect a betrayal of the badge that has been repeated time and again across the country.

1 thru 10 of 95 Stories