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Evangelicals with Gay Children Challenging Church

By Rachel Zoll | Nov 28
Rob and Linda Robertson did what they believed was expected of them as good Christians. When their 12-year-old son Ryan said he was gay, they told him they loved him, but he had to change. He entered "reparative therapy,"

Evangelicals Becoming More Accepting of LGBTs, Study Finds

By Megan Barnes | Aug 26
Evangelical Christians are becoming more tolerant of gays and lesbians and supportive of civil unions, according to a new study by Baylor University.

Gay, Evangelical and Seeking Acceptance in Church

By Rachel Zoll | Jun 30
Evangelicals are being challenged to change their views of gays and lesbians, and the pressure isn’t coming from the gay rights movement or watershed court rulings.

Canada Reviews Aid for Evangelical Group in Uganda

Feb 12
The Canadian government is reviewing humanitarian funding for an evangelical group that works in Uganda and has described homosexuality as perverted and sinful.

Evangelical Churches Refine Message on Gay Issues

By Travis Loller | Jan 31
Growing public acceptance of gay rights is causing some conservative evangelical churches to reconsider the way they talk about homosexuality and sin.

Evangelical church opens doors fully to gays

By Eric Gorski | Dec 20
The auditorium lights turned low, the service begins with the familiar rhythms of church: children singing, hugs and handshakes of greeting, a plea for donations to fix the boiler. Then the 55-year-old pastor with spiked gray hair and blue jeans launches into his weekly welcome, a poem-like litany that includes the line "queer or straight here, there’s no hate here."

Conservative Lutherans organize after vote on gays

By Ken Kusmer | Sep 27
Conservative members of the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination voted Saturday to spend the next 12 months deciding whether to split from the church after it liberalized its stance on gay clergy.

Lutheran bishop warns about withholding donations

Sep 24
The presiding bishop of the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination warned Wednesday that withholding financial support to protest a recent gay clergy vote would be "devastating" to the church.

Lutheran gay clergy vote tests mainline churches

By Eric Gorski | Aug 23
In breaking down barriers restricting gays and lesbians from the pulpit, the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination has laid down a new marker in a debate over the direction of mainline Protestant Christianity, a tradition that once dominated American religious life.

Lutherans to vote in Minn. on gay clergy proposal

Aug 21
Leaders of the country’s largest Lutheran denomination are set to decide today whether gay and lesbian pastors in committed relationships should be allowed to lead individual congregations.

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