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Seek Spiritual Guidance in Decision-Making Times

By Rev. Dawn Flynn, QNotes Guest Contributor | Jul 17
In the process of making life decisions we can consult our friends, our family, and our faith leaders. We then weigh the facts and make a decision, and the results of the decisions we make at each of these times affects the rest of our lives.

'Jesus Walked Here' :: Dr. Elizabeth McNamer on the Evidence and Significance of Bethsaida

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 13
The Biblical city Bethsaida is one place we know the historical Jesus walked and performed miracles. Dr. Elizabeth McNamer has led groups of volunteers at the archaeological site for twenty years. In a chat with EDGE, she discusses her book.

Ecology, Religion A Natural Mix for Some Americans

By Connie Cass and Emily Swanson | Dec 9
As a group, the most religious Americans are less likely than others in the U.S. to trust the science of global warming. Yet one group of faithful Americans not only believes the threat is real, but also feels obliged to help.

Philly Fight’s 20th Anniversary of AIDS Education Month

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 4
As Pride month hits Philadelphia, the AIDS Service organization Philadelphia FIGHT celebrates their 20th anniversary of their AIDS Education Month with a roster of free events through June 29.

Family Acceptance Project Prevents LGBT Teen Suicide

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 20
The Family Acceptance Project has announced plans to launch the first family-focused program to prevent suicide and homelessness among LGBT youth and young adults.

Casting Jesus: Did He Really Look Like Brad Pitt?

By Jocelyn Noveck | Mar 8
In the popular new film "Son of God," Jesus is so, well, easy on the eyes that some are revisiting an age-old question that has vexed scholars for centuries: Did Jesus really look like Brad Pitt, only slightly better?

’Next Fall’ a Personal Collaboration for Actor and Director

By Michael Cox | Jan 17
"Next Fall" may be the most profound and personal collaboration between the actor Kendall Hodder and director Russell Greene. In the play, a tragic accident puts Adam’s feelings about his devoutly religious partner to the test.

With Resignation of Pope, LGBTs Hope for True Dialogue on Rights

By Andrew Clark | Feb 25
With the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, some in the LGBT community expressed the hope that the Church would engage in a meaningful conversation about LGBT rights. Others aren’t as optimistic.

Religious groups counsel, advocate on behalf of LGBT faithful

By Joseph Erbentraut | Apr 15
Groups, such as Nehirim, continue to offer support, educational and social opportunities for LGBT people of faith, but long-simmering tensions between religious organizations and activists remain.

NYC religious leaders pledge to fight HIV/AIDS

By Scott Stiffler | Jul 15
A coalition of clergy, elected officials and representatives from HIV/AIDS service organizations launched the Interfaith for HIV/AIDS: A Call to Take Action in 2009 on the steps of City Hall on July 8.

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