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'Unchechen:' Short Film Raises Awareness on Gay Persecution in Russian Republic

'Unchechen:' Short Film Raises Awareness on Gay Persecution in Russian Republic

May 21
The film is based on accounts told by men who have escaped these alleged anti-gay prisons.

40 Chechens Saved From Gay Purge

40 Chechens Saved From Gay Purge

By Brittany Ferrendi | May 14
In an age where gay men are being allegedly persecuted from the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, one group is stepping up to save lives.

LGBT Organizations Mobilizing to Keep Gay Chechens Safe

LGBT Organizations Mobilizing to Keep Gay Chechens Safe

By Tucker Berardi | Apr 29
Grindr has begun helping gay men in Chechnya by using the app's location services to update users who may be in danger. They have also provided Chechen users with news reports of the progressing situation.

SF Protest Targets Chechnya

SF Protest Targets Chechnya

By David Nahmod | Apr 22
A group of about 50 LGBT activists gathered outside the Russian Consulate in San Francisco Tuesday, demanding that the Chechen Republic end its abuse of gay people there.

No Smooching Allowed: Russia Blocks Video Game Comic Featuring Same-Sex Kiss

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jan 7
Overwatch blew up the internet last month when their holiday-themed online comic "Overwatch: Reflections" featured a same-sex kiss. However, some users pointed out the comic is unreadable on the site's Russian version.

The Boys of Bangladesh

By Christiana Lilly | Dec 18
In April, two men were hacked to death in Bangladesh putting a spotlight on a hidden population in the small Southwest Asian country: LGBT people.

Russia MPs Want FIFA 17 Banned For 'Promoting Homosexuality'

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 12
If Russia thinks your video game promotes homosexuality, it may be banned from the country entirely. Such is the case with FIFA 17, the world's most played soccer video game, if Russian MPs have their way.

Openly Gay Candidates Run for Seats in Russian Parliament

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 25
They know they won't get elected, but that won't stop them from trying: Aleksei Korolyov and Bulat Barantayev, two openly gay men and longtime activists, are running for seats in Russia's Duma elections on Sept. 28.

Gay Syrian Exile Sounds the Alarm

By John McDonald | Sep 13
Subhi Nahas has a soft and tender voice. When he speaks the pain and struggle is self-evident.

Warsaw's Iconic, Controversial Rainbow Taken Down at Night

By Monika Scislowska | Aug 27
Warsaw's iconic and controversial rainbow art, once installed by an old cloister and then a symbol of Poland's leadership in the European Union and of tolerance for sexual minorities, has been taken down.

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