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San Francisco Sheriff's Trans Issues Probed in New Report

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jul 22
A new report from San Francisco's civil grand jury lists several problems with the way the sheriff's department is handling transgender inmates.

Body Scanners in SF to Help Trans Inmates

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 17
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wants $300,000 to pay for two body scanners in the city's jails, a step that's seen as crucial in helping trans inmates be housed according to their gender identity.

Transgender Inmates in N.C. Face Review Board, Not Simply 'Separated and Segregated'

By Jeff Taylor | Nov 26
Public accommodations for transgender citizens is also a concern in the prison system.

Lawmakers Protest Treatment of LGBT Detainees

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Apr 3
Congressman Mike Honda (D-San Jose) and other lawmakers recently told the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that efforts to improve treatment of LGBT detainees "fall short" of their goal.

Abuse of Trans Inmates in San Francisco?

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 10
The San Francisco Sheriff's Department is investigating a report that some staff have been calling transgender inmates "faggots."

New SF Sheriff Shares Plans for Trans Inmates

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 17
During her first full day on the job, newly sworn-in San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy met with advocates to work on updating her department's policies on transgender inmates.

In San Francisco, Trans Policy Plays A Role in Sheriff's Election

By Khaled Sayed | Oct 31
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's plans to stop classifying transgender inmates who haven't had surgery according to their birth sex have raised criticism from people in his department and has become an issue as he tries to hold onto his job.

Trans Behind Bars :: 'The Women of San Quentin' Comes Amid Historic Changes

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 11
A new book chronicling the lives of nine transgender women across the country who have been incarcerated comes amid historic progress for such prisoners.

CA Prison to Provide Surgery to Trans Woman

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Aug 16
State prison officials in California have reached a groundbreaking settlement with a transgender woman held in a men's prison and will provide gender-affirming surgery for her.

SF Sheriff's Plan to Move Trans Women Out of Men's Jail

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 14
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi plans to stop classifying transgender inmates who have not had surgery according to their birth sex, meaning that trans women would no longer be housed with men.

1 thru 10 of 43 Stories