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Berlusconi: Let's Legalize Gay Civil Unions

Silvio Berlusconi is pushing for the legalization of civil unions between gays in Italy, but not same-sex marriage.

Denver Officials Mark 1st Year of Civil Unions

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock marked the first year of civil unions in Colorado with a reception for gay couples at the city’s clerk and recorder office.

Malta Legalizes Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 15
The Maltese parliament approved a bill Monday that allows same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, allowing them to have similar legal rights of straight married couples, like the legal ability to adopt.

Chilean Pastor Blames Inferno on Civil Unions Bill

According to a Chilean pastor, God’s objection to the country’s civil union bill was to blame for a massive forest fire that devastated parts of the coastal city of Valpara√≠so on April 12.

Indiana House Votes To Trim Marriage Language

LOCAL | By Tom LoBianco | Jan 27
A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has narrowly approved stripping a sentence that bars civil unions from a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage

Utah Gov. Says He Would Consider Gay Marriage Move

NATIONAL | By Michelle L. Price | Jan 24
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert indicated Thursday that he would be open to considering a law allowing civil unions if state residents pushed for such an option.

Brazil Army Must Recognize Same-Sex Civil Union

A court has ordered Brazil’s Army for the first time to recognize a same-sex civil union between a sergeant and his companion.

NJ to File Defense of Civil Unions Vs Gay Marriage

Lawyers for New Jersey are expected to defend the state’s civil unions for same-sex couples as opposed to gay marriage.

Brazilian Notaries Must Register Gay Unions as Marriages If Requested

Brazilian notary publics must register same-sex civil unions as marriages if the couple requests it, the country’s National Council of Justice said Tuesday.

Arizona Town Puts Civil Unions on Hold to Tweak Legislation

FAMILY | By Bob Christie | Apr 13
The City Council in the Arizona community of Bisbee will rewrite a recently enacted civil union ordinance after being threatened with a lawsuit by the state Attorney General’s office, which said the ordinance ran afoul of a state ban on same-sex marriage.

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