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Utah Lawmaker Wants Opt-In Requirement for Porn

PERSONAL TECH | By Hallie Golden | May 24
The Utah lawmaker who led the charge in an anti-porn crusade is gearing up to introduce a handful of bills during next year's legislative session designed to heavily restrict access to pornography across the state.

Utah Lawmaker: Pornography A Public Health Crisis

NATIONAL | By Brady McCombs and Michelle L. Price | Feb 6
A state senator in Utah wants to declare pornography a public health crisis, echoing an argument being made around the U.S. by conservative religious groups as porn becomes more accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Hyatt Hotels Shut Down On-Demand Porn

By Beth J. Harpaz | Oct 15
Hyatt Hotels will no longer offer on-demand pornographic movies in its rooms, the company said Wednesday.

CA Condoms in Porn Law Likely Headed for Ballot

MOVIES | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Sep 20
California voters likely will have a chance next November to decide whether porn actors should have to wear condoms in films made in the state. Many in the porn industry are fighting the idea.

Gay Porn Neocon Kingpin Speaks Out

CELEBRITIES | By Hunter Houston | Sep 20
The 43-year-old Russian-born porn entrepreneur gave an interview to the Montreal Gazette, published last week, in which he blasted Homeland Security's raid of

Porn Actors File Suit Against 'Bondage Studio'

NATIONAL | By Hunter Houston | Aug 22
Two porn actors are suing a bondage studio claiming they contracted HIV while performing scenes.

Chi Chi LaRue Reaches Out to Fund Rehab

NATIONAL | By Hunter Houston | Aug 15
LaRue, internationally known gay icon, launched a account to aid in his alcohol and drug rehabilitation. As of last week the fund of 136 people had raised $10,870 in 10 days.

The Secret Life of Small Time Porn Part 4 :: The Cost of Making A Living

CULTURE | By Ric Reilly with Jonathan R. Nicholes | Jul 5
What's what in porn's sideline professions? And what are the costs of making money in the field? Part Four of the Small Time Porn series answers these and other questions.

The Secret Life of Small Time Porn, Part 3 :: Lights, Camera, Actors!

CULTURE | By Ric Reilly with Jonathan R. Nicholes | Jul 4
Lukas is a beautiful young man - a mix of a Caucasian and Native American mother, and African American father. His unblemished skin is the color of rich maple syrup darkened further on exposure to sun. And he's a porn actor. Why? Read on...

Small Time Porn Part Two: Meeting the Models

CULTURE | By Ric Reily with Jonathan R. Nicholes | Jun 21
Part One in the series revealed surprising statistics and challenged preconceptions. Now it's time to go into the "Model House" and meet the young men within.

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