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WHO, UN Condemn Forced Sterilization of Trans & Intersex People

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 2
The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined forces with UN and other groups to condemn the forced sterilization of transgender and intersex people in a groundbreaking report.

New Pre-Surgery Protocols for Transgender Teens

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 21
The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery’s founder Dr. Sherman Leis says that as people come to terms with gender dysphoria earlier, new surgery protocols are needed for trans teens.

Face Transplants Thriving 2 Years After Operations

By Lindsey Tanner | Dec 6
The nation’s first full face transplant patients are healing, with new blood vessel networks connecting transplanted skin with the patients’ facial tissue, a finding that may help improve future face transplant surgeries.

Philly Facility Pioneers Gender ’Transition’ Surgery

By Andrew Clark | Jan 15
Rather than travel abroad for expensive surgery or taking risks with self-administered work, the transgender community can turn to Dr. Sherman Leis, a world-renowned surgeon and the founder of The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery.

"Extra" Talks Facial Restoration with Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Sep 7
Once considered taboo, celebrity plastic surgery is now openly discussed on national television. Celebrity gossip show "Extra", hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos, recently sat down with Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond.

Orlando’s Nova Center: Making Men Better Looking Through Cosmetic Surgery

By Curtis M. Wong | Jun 14
From nose reshaping (or rhinoplasty) to Botox, cosmetic surgery may still be stereotyped as a women’s pursuit, but the number of men hoping to turn back the clock and perhaps boost their self-confidence a bit is on a steady uptick.

Some transgender women turn to underground cosmetic procedures

By Joseph Erbentraut | Mar 4
Even though Claudia Aderotimi was not transgender, the 20-year-old’s tragic death inside a Philadelphia hotel room last month underscores the dangers so-called underground cosmetic procedures pose to trans women and others who undergo them.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories