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Limbaugh: Pedophilia Next for ’Left’ After Same-Sex Marriage

FAMILY | By Jason St. Amand | Jan 9
Rush Limbaugh, back slamming marriage equality, said the movement to "normalize" pedophile was just like society’s "normalization" of gay marriage.

Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to at Least 30 Years

CRIME | By Mark Scolforo | Oct 9
Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday to at least 30 years in prison - effectively a life sentence - in the child sexual abuse scandal that brought shame to Penn State and led to coach Joe Paterno’s downfall.

Jerry Sandusky Faces Sex Abuse, Rape in Jail

CRIME | By Michael Rubinkam | Oct 8
As a convicted serial pedophile, former Penn State University Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky faces abuse and even rape from other prisoners. His incarceration sheds light on one the least-discussed epidemics of sex abuse in the country.

Philly Owes $877,000 for Boy Scouts’ Eviction Case

The city must pay nearly $900,000 after a failed effort to evict the Boy Scouts of America because of the group’s ban on gays, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Young Man, Older Man: Why Intergenerational Love Works

CULTURE | By Bryen Dunn | Sep 19
Intergenerational relationships have been around at least since the Greeks. Bryen Dunn talks to couples, activists & others about what makes them work, as well as a look at NAMBLA & the age of consent.

Lawsuit Filed Over Haiti Sex Abuse

NATIONAL | By John Christofferson | Apr 19
A federal lawsuit seeking $20 million in damages was filed Monday against Fairfield University, the Society of Jesus and a Colorado man sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for sexually abusing children at a school he founded in Haiti.

Ex-hospital director sentenced for sex abuse

NATIONAL | By Gillian Flaccus | Feb 24
A former state mental hospital director was sentenced Wednesday to 248 years in prison for molesting his adopted foster son over 10 years as part of what prosecutors claimed was a pattern of abuse that spanned four decades and ensnared a dozen young boys, many of whom appeared in court as grown men to confront him.

Scottish Pedophile, Former Gay Rights Activist, Sentenced

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Nov 5
A Scottish man who betrayed his friends and preyed on their children has been sentenced, as has another Scot; the two men were described as the "ringleaders" in a pedophilia ring.

French Culture Minister Paid for Sex with ’Boys’

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Oct 9
A scandal involving the Cultural Minister of France--the nephew of former French President François Mitterrand--has led to an outcry demanding the resignation of Frédéric Mitterrand.

Rabbi Arraigned for Allegedly Molesting Boys

NATIONAL | By Kilian Melloy | Aug 31
An upstate New York rabbi has gone to court, charged with sexually molesting two 13-year-old boys in a ritual bathing pool.

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