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Accuser in Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Writes Tell-All Book

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 20
One of the men who accused Bishop Eddie Long, the leader of a megachurch in Atlanta, of sexual assault details the incident in a new tell-all book.

Bishop Eddie Long’s School Shuts Its Doors

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 29
Bishop Eddie Long has been the subject of many scandals, including one from last year when four young men accused him of sexual harassment. There is more trouble for the preacher as his 18-year-old school closes down because of financial problems.

Eddie Long Settles Sex Suits, Looks Forward

By Errin Haines | May 30
The crowd still cheered for Bishop Eddie Long as he took the pulpit Sunday, but gone was the air of defiance that defined his appearance eight months ago when he rallied his congregation to battle amid lawsuits accusing the megachurch pastor of sexual mis

Church says anti-gay pastor didn’t engage in sexual conduct

By Greg Bluestein | Nov 10
Atlanta-area megachurch pastor Eddie Long took four young men who claim he coerced them into sexual relationships on trips, but neither he nor any church employees had inappropriate sexual contact with the men, the church said in court filings.

Anti-Gay Pastor Denies Sex Abuse Allegations

By Greg Bluestein | Nov 2
The megachurch pastor accused of luring four young men into sexual relationships categorically denied the allegations for the first time in a court filing Monday, saying he was only a mentor to the men who filed civil lawsuits against him.

Anti-gay pastor says he won’t be pulled into ’street fight’

By Greg Bluestein | Oct 4
A megachurch pastor accused of luring four young men into sexual relationships said Sunday that he won’t be pulled into a street fight over the allegations and vowed that his faith has been strengthened.

Pastor accuser: Sex encounters on church grounds

Sep 30
One of four men accusing megachurch Bishop Eddie Long of coercing them into inappropriate sexual relationships said in a TV interview that aired Wednesday that he and the pastor would have encounters before and after worship services on church grounds.

Sexual abuse accuser calls Ga. pastor ’predator’

Sep 29
One of the young men accusing megachurch Bishop Eddie Long of coercing him into a sexual relationship told a TV interviewer that he loved the pastor and considered him a father figure, but still called him a "predator" and a "monster."

Is Anti-Gay Pastor’s Homophobia A Smokescreen?

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 28
Speculation that anti-gay megachurch pastor Eddie Long’s outspoken anti-gay views have served as a smokescreen has grown in the wake of four young men coming forward to claim that Long coerced them into gay sexual encounters.

’Bishop’ Eddie Long Has Long Been in Bed - With Georgia Democrats

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 27
Megachurch leader Eddie Long has been an outspoken foe of marriage equyality for gay and lesbain famlies and a proponent of so-called "reparative therapy," which promises to "convert" gays into heterosexuals. He’s also been a benfactor to the Republican party--and to the Democrats as well.

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