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Anger at PayPal Founder Over Support of Trump May be Misplaced

By Michael d'Oliveira | Jul 31
In the wake of Peter Thiel's support for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, people on social media are promising to cancel their PayPal accounts.

On Eve of Election, DeMaio Accused of Sexual Harassment Again

By EDGE | Nov 4
On the eve of the election, reports of alleged tea-room antics continue to swirl around Carl DeMaio, the openly gay GOP candidate for San Diego's 52nd Congressional District.

In San Diego, A House Race is Made-For-TV-Drama

By Kevin Freking and Elliot Spagat | Oct 22
A late-night break-in, a stolen campaign playbook that ended up in the hands of the opponent and sexual harassment accusations made by a fired staffer against one of the candidates.

Speaker Boehner Backing Openly Gay Republican Candidates

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 7
After promising last year that he would support openly gay Republican candidates, Speaker John Boehner is following through by backing Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei.

Gay Candidate Faces Criticism From Opposing Camps

By Kevin Freking | Jul 15
Carl DeMaio is one of three openly gay Republicans running for Congress this year, but he's the only one who has managed to make political adversaries of both social conservative and gay rights organizations.

Texas GOP Changes Platform Language on Homosexuality to Endorse Conversion Therapy

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 5
Congratulations gay republicans in the Lone Star State! The draft platform for the Texas GOP has upgraded you from "pariah" to "mistake."

GOProud Leadership Deny Rumors but Announces ’Legal Closure’

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 3
Although the terms and length of closure have yet to be disclosed, in a statement posted on their website Monday, Matthew Bechstein, co-director of conservative gay republican group GOProud announced a "legal closure" of the organization.

Log Cabin Republicans Denounce Exclusionary Policy of Texas GOP

May 29
Log Cabin Republicans announced Thursday that in the wake of denial of formal participation by gay GOP at this year’s Texas State Republican Convention, they would be joining Metroplex Republicans to denounce the Party’s stance against the organization.

Gay Mass. Congressional Contender Skips GOP Convention

Mar 21
Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei (tih-SAY’) says he will skip this weekend’s state GOP convention because of the socially conservative platform the party’s state committee adopted.

NOM Leader Slams Out Republican Politician for Holding Hands With Partner

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 21
The head of the National Organization for Marriage wrote a blog post, slamming openly gay San Diego Republican Carl DeMaio for holding his partner’s hand and for being a "homosexual activist."

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