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Scientists Battle to Save World's Coral Reefs

By Caleb Jones | Jun 21
After the most powerful El Nino on record heated the world's oceans to never-before-seen levels, huge swaths of once vibrant coral reefs that were teeming with life are now stark white ghost towns disintegrating into the sea.

Uncharted Waters: Restoring Deep Gulf Fouled by BP Spill

By Cain Burdeau | May 30
Far offshore and a mile deep in the dark world below the Gulf of Mexico's gleaming surface, the catastrophic BP oil spill of 2010 did untold damage on the ocean floor. But scientists are unsure they can do much to heal places in the deep.

35,000 Gallons of Oil Spills After Montana Train Derailment

By Matthew Brown, Matt Volz | Jul 22
Four tank cars leaked an estimated 35,000 gallons of oil after a train hauling fuel from North Dakota derailed in rural northeastern Montana, authorities said.

Gay Marriage Will Destroy Everything: 5 Pundits & Preachers Predictions

By EDGE | May 9
From a second U.S. Civil War to intergalactic fireballs, the religious right predicts some pretty bad things if the Supreme Court sides in favor of marriage equality.

Seattle PrideFest Director Egan Orion Takes a Trip to Haiti, Builds Houses

By Shaun Knittel | Jan 5
Touched by the destruction of the Haiti earthquake, Seattle PrideFest organizer Egan Orion joined Habitat for Humanity to help build new homes for people devastated by disasters.

Scientists to see if oil spill hurt deep sea life

Oct 29
A team of scientists are leaving on a research cruise to see if the BP oil spill hurt deep-sea coral and organisms that live around natural oil and gas seeps in the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf spill lacks societal punch of Santa Barbara

By Frederic J. Frommer | Jul 29
Four decades ago, an oil spill shaped environmental thinking: not so today. Last week, legislation imploded in the Senate to reduce greenhouse gases, and no national consensus has emerged to move America into clean energy.

Wind, waves from hurricane dock oil skimming boats

By Mary Foster and Tom Breen | Jun 30
Dozens of small skiffs, huge shrimp boats and even a swamp tour boat were tied to docks, winds whipping their flags and waves rocking them even in the sheltered marina.

Green groups hope Gulf spill galvanizes movement

By Tamara Lush | May 12
In the weeks after an oil rig exploded and killed 11 men in the Gulf of Mexico, worried environmental groups scoured the water for oil plumes, set up animal triage centers and stretched boom across shorelines.

Environmentalists to argue against Arctic drilling

By William McCall | May 6
Environmentalists who are challenging plans to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean say the Gulf of Mexico disaster shows why offshore exploration should be banned in Alaska.

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