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Super Bowl Ads This Year Might Be a Snooze

By Mae Anderson | Feb 3
No GoDaddy. Not a bikini in sight. Service messages instead of crotch or fart jokes. As the Super Bowl turns 50 and faces middle age, will this be the year that advertisers stick to - gasp - good taste?

Ice Cream Company Releases Adorable Eight-Minute Lesbian Rom-Com

By Nicole Wiesenthal | Jun 20
Cornetto, a branded frozen dessert cone manufacturer, has been releasing a series of love stories as part of an advertising campaign, Cornetto Cupidity.

Honey Maid Responds to Anti-Gay Reaction to Inclusive Ad

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 4
Graham cracker company Honey Maid responded to the anti-gay reaction to their gay and lesbian inclusive advertising campaign with a stunningly beautiful new clip.

Honey Maid Features Gay Parents in New Ad

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 11
Graham cracker company Honey Maid released a new 30-second ad Monday that features a number of different families, including same-sex parents.

Restaurant Chain Criticized for Ads Perceived As Anti-Gay

By Dan Meyer | Dec 26
Some see Legal Sea Foods’ ads as homophobic, but the Washington-based restaurant chain denies any wrongdoing.

What’s Missing From Pro-Gay Marriage TV Ads? Gays

By Patrick Condon | Sep 27
A series of TV ads that promote LGBT rights feature straight married couples but gay men and women are absent from the commercials.

Hudson Yards: NYC’s Town Within A City

New York lost the 2012 Olympics, but the city’s bid for the summer games spurred another, visionary venture: building up the largest undeveloped parcel in Manhattan.

TV commercials shrink to match attention spans

By Emily Fredrix | Oct 27
TV commercials are shrinking along with attention spans and advertising budgets. The 15-second ad is increasingly common, gradually supplanting the 30-second spot just as it knocked off the full-minute pitch decades ago.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories