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Ex-Verizon Worker Accused of Selling Customer Phone Records

PERSONAL TECH | By Jeff Martin | Sep 30
A former Verizon Wireless technician is accused of using the company's computers to obtain customers' private call records - plus data showing where customers' phones were - and then selling them to an unnamed private investigator.

Hand-Delivered Hacking: Malicious USBs Left in Mailboxes

PERSONAL TECH | By Raphael Satter | Sep 26
There are signs that cybercriminals are experimenting with hand-delivery of malware to people's homes.

Top Democrats Say They've Concluded That Russia Behind Hacks

PERSONAL TECH | By Deb Reichmann | Sep 24
The top Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees said Thursday that they have concluded that Russian intelligence agencies are making a "serious and concerted effort" to influence the U.S. presidential election.

Report Details Missed Opportunities to Stop OPM Cyber Breach

PERSONAL TECH | By Eric Tucker | Sep 10
A new congressional report provides previously undisclosed details and a behind-the-scenes chronology of one of the worst-ever cyberattacks on the United States, laying out missed opportunities before the break-in.

Hackers Posing As Tech Support Wreak Havoc

Hackers are sending pop-up messages posing as tech support to break into people's computers. CBS News' Marlie Hall reports on how to avoid the scam.

FBI: Foreign Hackers Targeted Two State Election Systems

The FBI is investigating possible database hacks targeting Illinois and Arizona's state election systems.

Comey: FBI Wants 'Adult Conversation' on Device Encryption

PERSONAL TECH | By Eric Tucker | Aug 31
Widespread encryption built into smartphones is "making more and more of the room that we are charged to investigate dark," FBI Director James Comey said in a cybersecurity symposium.

Eddie Bauer Says Retail Store Registers Hit by Malware

Eddie Bauer says its retail stores' point-of-sale systems were infected with malware earlier this year, possibly giving hackers access to customers' payment card information.

FBI Chief Calls for National Talk Over Encryption vs. Safety

PERSONAL TECH | By Paul Elias | Aug 10
The FBI's director said Friday the agency is collecting data to present next year in hopes of sparking a national conversation about law enforcement's increasing inability to access encrypted electronic devices.

Democrats Hit by Another Hacking One Week After DNC Email Leak

CRIME | Jul 30
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it has been hacked. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid has the details.

1 thru 10 of 58 Stories