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Georgia City Moves Ahead on Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

A city committee in Marietta has approved a plan aimed at extending retirement benefits to same-sex couples.

Georgia Seeks Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Dismissal

NATIONAL | By Kathleen Foody | Jul 21
Georgia's attorney general is asking a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit filed by a gay rights group challenging the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.

Opera Singer Calls Gays "Fecal Masses," Then Blames Husband

An opera singer who posted an anti-gay rant in which she referred to gays as "fecal masses" and encouraged violent attacks against them at a Pride parade now blames her "very religious" husband for the move.

Woman Challenges Ga. City’s Sex Toy Ban

HEALTH | By Jason St. Amand | May 20
A woman from Georgia is challenging a city’s ordinance that requires individuals to have a prescription or medical or scientific reason to by a sex toy.

Senate Candidate in Ga. Blasted for Revenue Remark

May 15
Georgia’s GOP Senate scramble erupted Wednesday into an intense round of attacks over taxes, gay rights and who’s a real Republican, all in the shadow of a key vote that could help determine congressional control.

Suit Challenging Ga. Gay Marriage Ban to be Filed

NATIONAL | By Kate Brumback | Apr 22
A gay rights group on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit in Atlanta challenging the state of Georgia’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.

GA. Anti-Gay Bill Part Of GOP Election Year Agenda

POLITICS | By Christina Cassidy | Mar 4
The Republican leadership in the General Assembly has kept tight control of its election-year agenda, ensuring some of the more controversial bills have not reached the floor for a vote.

Georgia Lawmakers Echo Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

WORKPLACE | By Jason St. Amand | Feb 25
A bill that would allow business owners to refuse services to LGBT customers is gaining traction in the Georgia Legislature.

Georgia Woman Not Allowed to Change Name on License

A Georgia woman says state officials won’t allow her to change her name on her driver’s license to reflect her marriage to her wife.

Georgia Cities Gear Up for Gay Pride Celebrations

PRIDE | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 13
Georgia is gearing up for fall Gay Pride celebrations throughout the state!

1 thru 10 of 27 Stories