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LGBT Research Nets Award for Fla. Prof.

By Gideon Grudo | Sep 10
Fred Fejes, a professor at FAU and an LGBT historian and published author, got the Roy F. Aarons Award "for his contributions to education and research on issues affecting the [LGBT] communities."

Pornography, Race and Effeminacy at Lavender Languages

By Akeem Favor | Feb 24
Academics delved into LGBT life, including pornography, race, effeminacy, online dating and deaf LGBTs at this year’s Lavender Languages & Linguistics conference.

Institute Takes Closer Look at Nature of Hate

By Nicholas K. Geranios | Nov 19
Hate is everywhere, but the fundamental question of why one person can hate another has never been adequately studied, contends Jim Mohr of Gonzaga University, who is developing a new academic field of hate studies.

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories