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Hong Kong’s British Consulate May Allow Gay Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Jun 12
Hong Kong’s government initially said it would not allow gay couples to marry in the city’s British consulates but that may now change.

Hong Kong Won’t Let Gay Couples Marry at British Consulate

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Jun 9
Hong Kong’s government said this week it would not allow same-sex couples to marry in the city’s British consulate.

Gay Couples Can Marry in Russia, Other Countries in British Consulate

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Jun 4
Same-sex marriages can now take place in the British consulates of 23 countries around the world, including nations where gay marriage isn’t legal, like Russia, Serbia, Hungary and Azerbaijan. The marriages, however, won’t be recognized under foreign law.

UK Gay Couples Get Right to Combine Coats of Arms

INTERNATIONAL | By Jill Lawless | May 9
Britain’s gay couples have taken a step forward - into the Middle Ages. Like blue-blooded families down the centuries, they can now have their own coats of arms.

Less Bangers, More Mash: 20% Rise in Brits Lesbian Encounters

CULTURE | By Winnie McCroy | Apr 23
A new survey reveals a twenty percent jump in the number of British women who are ’tipping the velvet’ with other ladies.

Brits Having Less Sex -- But More Variety

HEALTH | By Maria Cheng | Nov 26
When it comes to the bedroom, the British may be getting less busy, but more creative. According to results from the latest national sex survey, Britons are having sex less often - but the kinds of sex they’re having are more diverse than in the past.

New Survey: 1.5% of Britain is Gay or Bisexual

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 4
A new survey found that 1.5% of people from Britain say they are strictly gay or bisexual.

British Prime Minister Wants to ’Export’ Gay Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Jul 25
After legalizing same-sex marriage, Britain Prime Minister David Cameron says he hopes to "export" gay marriage, and hopes other countries will follow suit.

Gay Marriage: Britain, France in Surprise Contrast

INTERNATIONAL | By Angela Charlton and Gregory Katz | Jul 17
The French like to make fun of the British but when it came time to debate same-sex marriage, it was France that betrayed a deep conservative streak in sometimes violent protests - while the British showed themselves to be modern and tolerant.

2 Arrested in UK for Hate Crime Against ’Emo’

British police say they have arrested two people over an assault on an "emo" teenage boy - the first to be recorded in the country as an alternative subculture hate crime.

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