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UK PM Won’t Attend Olympics, Not Because of Russian Anti-Gay Law

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 29
Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron announced Tuesday that he will not go to Sochi, Russia, to attend the 2014 Winter Olympics, but said it’s not because of the country’s anti-gay law.

UK’s Cameron Rules Out Sochi Boycott

Aug 10
British Prime Minister David Cameron ruled out a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics, saying Saturday that attending the games is a better way of tackling prejudice against gays.

British Prime Minister Wants to ’Export’ Gay Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Jul 25
After legalizing same-sex marriage, Britain Prime Minister David Cameron says he hopes to "export" gay marriage, and hopes other countries will follow suit.

Gay Marriage Bill Clears UK House of Commons

May 21
Britain’s House of Commons has passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

Tories, Church Head Align to Defeat Gay Marriage

Feb 4
British lawmakers are set to vote on legalizing gay marriage Tuesday but conservatives are urging Prime Minister David Cameron to delay the vote. Meanwhile, the new archbishop of Canterbury officially took office and strongly opposes marriage equality.

Britain Introduces Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Jan 25
The British government has introduced a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and says lawmakers will get their first vote on it in Parliament next month.

Poll: 62% of British Now Back Marriage Equality

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 28
According to a new poll by the Guardian, two-thirds of voters in Great Britain now support marriage equality, a huge increase from a poll taken in March, & a big boost for Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who is pushing for such a law.

Britain’s Conservative Party Splitting Over Gay Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 12
Britain’s conservative party is upset over the U.K.’s government plans to legalize same-sex marriage and have attacked conservative Prime Minister David Cameron for his support as well.

UK’s Cameron Warns Over Child Abuse Witch Hunt

By David Stringer | Nov 8
Speculation about a political figure from the Margaret Thatcher era alleged to be tied to Britain’s child abuse scandal risks becoming a witch hunt, Prime Minister David Cameron warned on Tuesday.

Conflicting Reports on Gay Marriage’s Progress in U.K.

By Jason St. Amand | May 8
Some reports say that the U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron will surrender to the Tories’ criticism of not being conservative enough by retreating on the issue of gay marriage while others claim he will do no such thing.

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