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New $5.9 Million Visitor Center Planned for Ohio National Park

Dec 23
A nonprofit group has announced plans for a new $5.9 million visitor center at a national park in northeast Ohio.

Boozy Beer: Ohio Lawmakers Scrap Cap on Alcohol Content

By Mitch Stacy | May 20
In a move that would allow craft brewers the freedom to make boozier beers, Ohio lawmakers have voted to scrap a cap on alcohol content for beer that's been on the books since just after Prohibition.

Ohio's Rejection of Legal Pot Leaves Future in Question

By Julie Carr Smyth | Nov 6
The proposal rejected by voters on Tuesday could be followed in 2016 by a more conventional legalization plan, one that doesn't give exclusive growing rights to private investors.

100-Year-Old Church Installs Gay Pastor

Aug 18
An Ohio church marking its 100th anniversary has installed its first openly gay pastor.

Gay Games 9 to Begin Saturday in Ohio

By Mark Gillespie | Aug 8
If Cleveland and Akron seem like odd choices to host the international Gay Games, that's because they are.

Gay Marriage Cases in Ohio Draw Activists

By Lisa Cornwell | Aug 6
A 61-year-old man who says he wants to show that gay couples share the same values as heterosexual ones has camped out overnight outside a federal courthouse in Cincinnati to secure a courtroom seat for oral arguments over bans on same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage Arguments Ring a Bell in Cincinnati

By Dan Sewell | Aug 4
For Chris Seelbach, the legal challenges to state bans on gay marriage being argued this week in federal appeals court in Cincinnati mark another milestone - not just for gay rights, but for the city he calls home.

Television Ads Supporting Gay Marriage Start in Ohio

Jul 30
A group supporting same-sex marriage in Ohio is airing its first television ad as a federal appeals court prepares to hear oral arguments on the issue.

Same-Sex Weddings Prohibited at Ohio Statehouse

Jul 18
A board has maintained a policy preventing same-sex couples and others without valid Ohio wedding licenses from renting the Ohio Statehouse and its grounds for weddings and receptions.

Ohio's AG's Filings Are Preview in Gay Marriage Case

Jul 17
The Ohio Attorney General's Office is urging an appeals court to reject arguments that the state should have to recognize gay marriage, saying that decision should be left to voters.

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