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U Color :: Fab hair’s never been this easy

by David Andrusia
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 21, 2009

Electricity. Penicillin. And now this: U Color.

Hey, I'm a practical guy. Thus, while I cheer Plato and Proust, I stand up and shout for inventions that really change my life.

This year there's no competition: the Nobel Prize goes to U Color, the first at-home hair color to deliver truly natural results.

The brainchild of Beverly Hills superstylist Umberto, U Color offers 24 foolproof shades in a cutting-edge, no-measure sachet system.

The science: a tripartite color, equalizer, and developer that come together in a burstable package.

The beauty: for once, professional-level developers that waylay the much-dreaded brassiness in favor of neutral, natural shades.

The invention of the century: foolproof home hair color. Glory be!

The best: Best of all, the price-point is a kind and gentle $12 for two (count 'em) applications. (Only those with the thickest, longest manes will need to use both for one color app.)

According to Umberto, owner of the eponymous BH salon, "This color system is unlike any other because it's like having a colorist at home with you. In fact, my 'magic' Equalizer does what I do in the salon: it keeps the ends from grabbing color, and the roots from being too vibrant."

Translation: bye-bye, brassiness- even if you (like me) tend toward red.

U Color is being touted as a demi-permanent program; somewhere between semi- and permanent color. Each application is expected to last three to seven weeks, depending on how often you shampoo and whether you have straight or curly hair. (The latter tends to need retouching less often as it hides color changes and grays.)

A built-in conditioning system is the icing on this very pretty cake. Rather than use a pre- or post-conditioning treatment that only coats the hair, U Color actually opens the hair shaft during processing. This allows the equalizer to penetrate the hair and lock in lasting color, conditioning and adding shine all at once. Genius!

Given the state of the economy, we're all about cutting corners. So we're greeting U Color with a big "Ciao, bello!" -and saying "Addio!" to expensive color and brassy locks.

U Color is available at beauty supply stores nationwide; will launch in national drug chains on October 1.

David Andrusia writes on food, travel, style, and beauty. Author of the bestseller BRAND YOURSELF, he is a career consultant in Los Angeles. Visit him online at


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