John Clauss :: Revolver in His Pocket

by Kevin Plautz
Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

When it comes to bartenders, this strapping, 25-year old from New Canaan, Connecticut certainly "raises the bar." Experienced, good looking and possessing an eclectic taste in music, rounds out one of REVOLVER's best. The Rage Monthly decided it was time to find out just a little bit more about him.

Do you have you own signature cocktail?

I make one hell of a Pineapple Skinny Margarita.

Do you have a favorite video that gets played there at the bar?

My favorite video played at REVOLVER right now has to be "Boy is a Bottom" by Willam Belli. It's fun to watch some of your personal friends being mocked on screen.

What music are you currently listening to?

I have pretty eclectic tastes in music ranging from Metallica and System of a Down to Enya or Mozart. It really depends on what I'm doing. If I'm heading to gym it's Heavy Metal, but if I'm having an afterparty with friends a little Miley Cyrus never hurt anyone.

You have an incredible body. How much time do you spend in the gym?

Time isn't as important to me when it comes to training as efficiency is. I CrossFit so some of my workouts may only take five minutes. I would say on average I'm in the gym five days a week, anywhere to one to two hours a session, which includes warming up and cooling down.

Other than working out, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love hiking, playing sports, traveling, dining out, going to the movies and most important of all, spending time with my friends and family.

Is there anything big planned at REVOLVER Video Bar for the holidays?

We're always pretty busy around the holidays. There's something about the REVOLVER experience that just seems fun but cozy in winter. This coming New Year's Eve party is going to be a ticketed event with an open bar component, great entertainment and a few fun surprises. It's always a fun spot to celebrate the holidays.

What do you enjoy most about working at REVOLVER Video Bar?

I would have to say the REVOLVER family is what makes working here really special. I haven't ever worked in a place with such a family-like work culture. It has never felt like work to me because I get to be with people who I am so close to!

Tell me something about you that others probably wouldn't know.

Well, as a kid I was really into video games and I may or may not have hosted LAN parties in my basement!

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