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Ending the Year...on a Masterbeat!

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Dec 27, 2011

This past year the Mayan calendar along with almost every other religious sect (and AMC. i.e. the network's hit series "The Walking Dead") has predicted that the world is facing its event extinction. If this is true, it is imperative that every minute is savored to the maximum.

DJ Brett Henrichsen may also be well convinced that the end of days is upon us. That being the case the maestro producer behind the invincible Masterbeat brand is committed to rescuing whatever will be left of the final remnants of civilization if the New Year's prophecy is true. "If we're going to go out - we're going out dancing."

For its three-night "dance of the reckoning" event Masterbeat 2012 is commandeering not one but four of Los Angeles' most elegant spaces to throw a party worthy of a DEFCON 4 alert. To get us ready, we went right to the source and Henrichsen was more than amped to share some secrets of surviving Masterbeat's twelfth New Years' spectacular.

"It starts on Friday, the 30th at the Mayan," he intros. Perhaps it's not a defiant coincidence that Henrichsen has chosen the historic location (by its name) to launch the weekend symbolizing the end of the world, but with opening acts the likes of Tony Moran and Ana Paula you can expect the foundation to come undone. "It was built in the 30's as a very glamorous show house theater and is amazingly ornate, and now it's an amazing nightclub with one of the world's largest disco balls."

The party migrates on Saturday, the 31st to the Hollywood Palladium. "Which is also another amazing venue," Henrichsen reveals. "It was actually opened by Frank Sinatra and his orchestra - it was a very cool ballroom." This actually is Masterbeat's return to the Palladium; they were the last party held in the space in 2006 before it was closed and remodeled. "Now we're back - and it holds twice as many people as The Mayan."

This party is just getting started...

With the Palladium the center of the weekend’s festivities, the party will begin at 9pm and is prepared to go well into 2012 - that is if Armageddon isn’t expected when the clock strikes 12am. The retrofitted concert venue has been recast to service the denizens of the dance floor ready to wave their hands to the wildly winning sounds of headliners Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguilera - better known as Rosabel.

Brace yourselves, true believers, and gather your loved ones...for if the dance club culture should shudder and collapse as is the prophesied expectation of 2012, Masterbeat has taken every precaution to guarantee the party will continue. "We’re pulling out all the stops," Henrichsen revealed, but as for the big surprise of the’ll just have to keep the faith.

More importantly, the first night of 2012 is only beginning, and for the gladiator types, its very first scheduled after-hours event will be appropriately enough taking place at Arena. Masterbeat’s "First Dance" of 2012 will be spearheaded by DJ Paulo reigning supreme from 4am until noon.

And finally, DJ Brett Henrichsen has saved the best for last when he will take over the turntables at "Recovery" at Avalon located at 1735 Vine Street. "I love that party because everyone is just so relaxed and frisky," Henrichsen says about his after-hours duties at Avalon that begin on Sunday, January 1 and spin into Monday morning at 6am. "It’s perfect; Monday is a holiday - it’s a fun party."

And while some of the other New Year’s Weekend events raised the stakes competitively topping each other with live musical acts, Henrichsen is letting the music and his celebrity DJs provide the soundtrack for the most highly anticipated weekend party of the year. "We wanted to do something a lot more visual; with lots more stimuli. When it’s on a weekend like this," beginning Friday, Dec 30th and going all the way through to Monday, Jan 2, "it’s like the perfect storm - you really go blow out."

The scope of this event is the biggest yet for Masterbeat, and appropriately so - after all, don’t you want to remember where you were dancing when the world ended?

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Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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