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Tossed Out of Botswana, 'Kill the Gays' Pastor Not Welcome in Malawi

Oct 26
Pastor Steven Anderson, the repugnantly anti-LGBT Tempe, Arizona "Kill the Gays" minister who praised the Orlando massacre, has one less place in Africa willing to import his message of hate.

Mormons Preach Love for LGBT Members, But No Doctrinal Shift

By Brady McCombs | Oct 25
Mormon leaders are telling gay and lesbian members in a new website launched that attraction to people of the same-sex isn't a sin or a measure of their faithfulness.

One Million Moms Call for Prayer, Fasting on Eve of Election

Oct 25
Members of the anti-LGBT religious right want you to skip a meal to help elect a demagogue president of the United States.

Hate Group Leader Asks for $175K to Fight 'God-Mocking Gays' at the Polls

Oct 24
In his latest money-grabbing email to followers, Tony Perkins of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council is making it very clear to the misguided faithful: the gays are coming to take away your freedom, so donate to us and vote Republican.

Gay Christian Man Shares Anti-Gay Letter From Texas Megachurch

Oct 18
A gay Christian man from Texas took to Facebook earlier this month, posting a letter sent to him by a mega church he once attended, which outlines that he was booted from the community because he is gay.

Christian Radio Host Denies Existence of 'Heterosexual AIDS' in America

Oct 18
Dennis Prager, the Christian Broadcasting Network radio host, who blamed California's record drought on a "worship of nature," took his science denying to a new level when he dismissed "heterosexual AIDS" as liberal "hysteria."

Catholic School Seeks Dismissal of Gay Marriage Bias Suit

Oct 16
A judge will likely rule this coming week on a Roman Catholic school's request to reconsider dismissing a lawsuit filed by a former employee who says she was fired because she's married to a woman.

For Clinton, a Daily Dose of Faith Along with Politics

By Jocelyn Noveck | Oct 15
At about 5 a.m. each day - maybe a little later on weekends - an email from the Rev. Bill Shillady arrives in Hillary Clinton's inbox.

Ore. Bakery That Refused Service to Gay Couple Shuts Down

Oct 13
The owners of an Oregon bakery that made national headlines for refusing service to a gay couple, citing their religious beliefs, announced on Facebook last month that the business has shut down.

Evangelical Students: 'We Want Nothing to do with Trump'

Oct 13
Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. has been more or less censured by students and staff over his continued support of Donald Trump. The move marks a significant rift in support of the billionaire's candidacy among evangelicals.

1 thru 10 of 1264 Stories