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Rainbow Days Six Flags Part of Welcoming Businesses Practice

by David  Doyle
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Aug 19, 2012

In light of recent events regarding Chick-fil-A's negative stance on gay rights and issues, it is important to remember that not all corporate giants are bullies using their product as a soapbox for hatemongering. It is becoming more commonplace for corporate America to come out, as it were, in support of the gay community.

Disney World parks (working with Orlando Gay Days), Kings Dominion and many of the Six Flags theme parks all stand in unity to send a message that basic human rights are for all humans, not just a select few that meet an individual groups personal standards of what is "acceptable and right."

Six Flags, in particular, has done a wonderful job at making Atlanta's gay community a welcome presence within their theme park. And this year is no exception. On Saturday, August 25, they welcome the LGBT community to the annual Rainbow Days at Six Flags.

"We believe strongly in this event and what it can ultimately bring to the city," said Atlanta Premier Events Managing Partner Corinna Jones.

Although Six Flags Over Georgia has provided its park for gay-themed days in the past, this is the third year that the event group Atlanta Premier Events has taken over the helm to organize this successful outing. There were about 2,000 persons from the LGBT community who attended last year. It is estimated to double this year as the event continues to grow. In fact, there has been such an increase of interest in Rainbow Days that it is a goal of Atlanta Premier Events to completely rent out the Six Flags park as well as White Water park for next year.

"Without sponsorship support from businesses, the extent to which Rainbow Days and events like it continue to grow would be dismal," Jones told EDGE. "Paramount community support from business like [LGBT greeting card company] Brushstrokes gives these events the foundation they need in order to be successful for the community on the whole."

In fact, it is a growing trend of corporations and local businesses to support occasions like Rainbow Days, bringing recognition and imperative dollars into a local economy. Entire cities are jumping on board. Orlando Gay Days and Las Vegas Gay Day are expected to bring in millions to areas that are in desperate need of visitor cash flow.

According to CFNews, Orlando Gay Days typically brings in up to 150,000 additional people to town who spend an estimated $13 million at the theme parks alone. It is hoped that the increasing attendance at Rainbow Days in Atlanta will positively impact other tourist destinations like the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola and other area museums.

Percentage of Sales Go to Charity

But it is not just about the additional generated revenue. Atlanta Premier Events is taking the Rainbow Days opportunity to do a little philanthropic work as well. A percentage of ticket sales will go to support the area nonprofits of MEGA Family Project, the Health Initiative, and Pets Are Loving Support.

"It is important to our organization to give back. Each year, as this event grows, we will choose other deserving nonprofits to contribute to as well," said Jones.

Of course, Rainbow Days would not be as influential if not for corporations like Six Flags Over Georgia. Six Flags doesn’t just support gay groups, they offer similar themed days to religious affiliations, colleges and families, and that’s the point -- to be a venue where people of all backgrounds can embrace their own beliefs while peaceably existing together. Six Flags has been instrumental, not only in the Atlanta area, but also throughout their parks nationwide, in supporting diversity and community.

"Six Flags is excited about the upcoming Rainbow Days event," said Six Flags Over Georgia Communications Manager Brad Malone. "The past two years have been a great success and we look forward to another thriving event."

When asked about any possible protests that surround outings like Rainbow Days, Malone said, "Six Flags does not condone protests on park grounds for any cause. We have onsite security as well as the Cobb County police department on hand to ensure a peaceable event. We just want people to come to our park and have a good time."

And a good time is exactly what Atlanta Premier Events has in store. There will be entertainment provided by Tiffany and Cazwell; an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch; and of course, rides, rides and more rides. There is a kick-off party Friday, August 24 at Blakes on the Park and several after-park-parties on August 25 at the host bars of Jungle, LeBuzz and My Sister’s Room (MSR). It all ends on Sunday, August 26, with a sponsored lunch in Piedmont Park.

Rainbow Days at Six Flags is on Saturday, August 25 at 275 Riverside Parkway Southwest. For info and tickets, visit, or contact Atlanta Premier Events at 678-800-2120 or email


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