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Man Who Claims Psychiatrist Convinced Him to Kill Speaks Out

Dec 5
Jake Nolan says he was brainwashed by his psychiatrist into trying to kill. His story is incredible -but is it believable?

HIV Criminalization Study Shows Pattern of Racism Toward Black Men

By EDGE | Dec 5
A pioneering study of Canadian media has identified a clear pattern of racism towards black men in Canadian mainstream newspaper articles from 1989 though 2015.

Colo. Couple Catch Landlord Having Sex in Their Apartment

Dec 5
A couple living in Colorado Springs caught their landlord having sex with another man in their apartment thanks to their motion-activated security camera system.

Safety Seminar Urges People to Be Alert, Report Crimes

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Dec 4
Nationally, reported hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, LGBT people, and people of color spiked in the aftermath of the presidential election, and local community leaders held a safety seminar this week to address concerns.

Students: Slain USC Prof Was Caring; Arrested Student Quiet

By Amanda Lee Myers | Dec 4
A graduate student arrested on suspicion of killing the professor who oversaw his work at the University of California was described by some of his fellow classmates as a quiet but seemingly normal young man.

Robbers Using Grindr to Ensnare Victims, Baltimore Police Say

By John Riley | Dec 3
Baltimore police are searching for three men who they say used Grindr and other social media apps to lure people to Northeast Baltimore and rob them.

Former Bieber Sidekick, Lil Twist, Sentenced to Year in Jail

Dec 1
Justin Bieber's former sidekick, Lil Twist, has been sentenced to a year behind bars after pleading no contest to beating and robbing a Nickelodeon actor.

Man Pleads Guilty for Role in Same-Sex Parental Kidnap Case

Dec 1
A Nicaragua resident has pleaded guilty to helping a mother move her daughter out of the United States to avoid sharing custody with her former same-sex partner in Vermont.

Son of Suspended Anti-LGBT Ala. Chief Justice Arrested for 8th Time in 5 Years

Nov 30
The son of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is currently suspended from his position for allegedly disobeying the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, was arrested last Friday for two miscellaneous charges.

Groups Document More Than 860 Hate Incidents Since Elections

By Jesse J. Holland | Nov 30
Civil rights groups called for President-elect Donald Trump to forcefully and publicly denounce racism and bigotry, pointing to more than 860 bias-related incidents recorded in the 10 days following his Nov. 8 victory.

1 thru 10 of 1772 Stories