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CIAA To Move 8 Championships_But Not Basketball_From NC

SPORTS | Oct 1
The Division II Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association says it will move eight of its 10 conference championships set for North Carolina - but not its two basketball tournaments

Twitter, 'Lies' And Videotape: Trump Shames Beauty Queen

POLITICS | By Josh Lederman and Steve Peoples | Oct 1
Plunging deeper into campaign controversy, Donald Trump publicly shamed a former beauty queen on Friday for her "disgusting" sexual past and then - in one of presidential history's more bizarre moments - encouraged Americans to watch a "sex tape"

Former 'Power Rangers' Actor Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

CRIME | Oct 1
A former "Power Rangers" actor charged with stabbing his California roommate to death with a sword has pleaded not guilty to murder.

NJ Man Charged With Wearing Clear Plastic Wrap Bikini on Beach

Police say a 59-year-old man who wore a bikini fashioned out of see-through plastic wrap on a New Jersey beach is facing a criminal charge.

Peggy Noonan: When Are We Going to Talk About the Real Issues?

After a week when chatter on the campaign trail focused on fat-shaming comments from 1996 and Clinton's recovery from pneumonia, CBS News contributor Peggy Noonan joins CBSN to discuss the state of the 2016 race.

Clinton Campaigns with Early Voting Underway

With the election 39 days away, people in 11 early voting states are casting ballots.

Taxpayer Tab for Travel to Anti-Gay States? California, San Francisco Just Say No

NATIONAL | By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 1
The state of California and the city of San Francisco this week both banned taxpayer-funded travel to states with anti-LGBT laws.

Alleged Castro Arsonist Freed After Plea Deal

CRIME | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 1
A San Francisco man convicted of accidentally choking to death a sex partner in 2011 and then arrested again last year for allegedly starting fires in the Castro district was released after reaching a plea deal.

Transgender Teen's Mother Suing Hospital for Discriminating Against Her Son

FAMILY | By John Riley | Oct 1
The mother of a transgender teenage boy who committed suicide after being released early from a children's hospital is suing that hospital for discriminating against her son.

LGBT Activists Send Pride Flag Into Space

INTERNATIONAL | By Rhuaridh Marr | Oct 1
LGBT equality group Planting Peace has completed an LGBT first, after launching a Pride flag 21 miles above the Earth's surface by attaching it to a weather balloon.

1 thru 10 of 34125 Stories