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Louie - Season 2

by Jesse Betlyon
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jul 18, 2012
Louie - Season 2

The always hilarious Louis C.K. is back and playing himself again in "Louie Season 2."

Louis C.K. is blowing up! With the success of the first season of his FX TV show called "Louie" he now gives us season two on DVD and Blu-ray. "Louie Season 2" comes with thirteen hysterical episodes, which Louis C.K. writes, directs, and edits. With so much creative power, Louis C.K.'s humor shines through in a - dim, sort of depressing yet brilliantly funny light.

Although sometimes a little off-putting due to his dark sense of humor,"Louie Season 2" is a window into the life of a great comedic mind. Each show has segments of Louis C.K. doing standup in an NYC comedy club intercut with the narrative story in which he plays himself: a moderately successful comedian, father of two young daughters, and a lonely horny New Yorker.

As far as special features go, FX didn't seem to think anyone would care so there aren't really any. Although on disc one of two there are a few episodes available with audio commentary by Louis C.K., which definitely adds to the viewing experience. Hearing Louis talk about his own TV show, you get to see what he thinks is funny in each episode and hear him talk about the true life events that inspired the actual show.

Louis C.K. is one of the funniest comedians alive right now. If you're looking for a laugh and can relate to a lonely insecure guy who masturbates too much, then "Louie Season 2" is right up your alley.

"Louie Season 2"

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