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White Collar - Season 3

by JC Alvarez
Monday Jun 18, 2012
White Collar - Season 3

Is Matt Bomer's Neal Caffrey back to his old criminal ways in the third season of the hit show "White Collar" now available on DVD? When the season opens, FBI agent Peter Burke, played by Tim DeKay isn't convinced that his "partner" and white collar criminal turned FBI informant Caffrey didn't take part in the biggest heist of the century - especially when all evidence points to his being the strategic mastermind behind the operation.

This could compromise the already fragile relationship between the two which is always on thin ice...but maybe this season the two will find some common ground. With New York City as the landscape of this modern day crime-caper drama, "White Collar" continues to deliver and firmly establishes Bomer's star quality. Loosely reminiscent of the Roger Moore television series "The Saint" from the 60's, this series never skimps on the fun or its cool factor. Still one of the sexiest shows on television, "White Collar"'s production value is one of the slickest!

With one of the best seasons of the series now available for home viewing on DVD, fans eagerly anticipate the further adventures of Neal Caffrey already in production...in the meantime you can indulge in the bonus features that take you onto the set and behind the scenes. You can also treat yourself to some trivia with the cast, and not everyday can be picture perfect: check out the additional deleted scenes and gag reel. Yes...even Bomer flubs a line or two!

"White Collar" - Season 3
4 disc set available on DVD

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