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Rookie Blue - Season Two

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Jun 13, 2012
Rookie Blue - Season Two

After spending their first television season proving themselves on the beat, the rookies of "Rookie Blue" are back...and when they aren't harassing tweaking ravers at free outdoor concerts and dodging random bullets from gang-bangers, they spend a lot of time keeping perfectly unkempt hair in place as well as their often impeccable make-up. The crew of hipster-looking, frat packers that comprise the cast may not have the necessary authenticity to pull off the reality of life patrolling the streets, but if they weren't so attractive, the lives they live outside of their tailored uniforms wouldn't be as engaging.

As legitimately gritty as they try to make the series look - putting the rookies in situations that are mostly all first-time death-defying experiences for them - the drama on "Rookie Blue" comes off somewhat overly dramatic...perfect for a television melodrama, but the series doesn't hold much water against similarly styled cop shows that have proven longevity, especially since the love triangles distract from any of the police activity.

Pouting lips and deep-set eyes, washboard abs and cops having clandestine sex sound like a formula for success, but "Rookie Blue" is mostly going to grab the attention of teens bored with gossipy girls and vampire diaries. But for an inside look at the lives of first-year cops, this is not ripped from the headlines...unless you are still reading Seventeen or Teen Vogue.

Bonus features delve into the on-set lives of the actors and their characters. Unfortunately they are mostly poorly produced and don't deliver any more than what the show promises. The split-camera look into the shooting of a scene does give some insight to the anatomy of the production, but that's not much to go on.

"Rookie Blue: Season 2"
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