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Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 15, 2012
Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season

"Chuck" has gone from near cancellation to huge cult following to television history. The fifth and final season, available on DVD, gave the show's characters and fans a true and honest farewell.

The DVD boasts over 3 hours of special features. There are the expected deleted scenes, called "Declassified Scenes" and there are also commentaries on the final 2 episodes featuring the executive producers including Josh Schwartz and star Zachary Levi. There is also an extended version of the series finale. It also features a gag reel for the final season's footage.

The DVD features a lot of featurettes that chart the beginning and end of the series, have interviews with the celebrities and creators and some exclusive moments. "Sandwiches and Superfans: The Saving of a Show" discusses how fans of the show helped saved the series by patronizing Subways to show their power. They also began Twitter campaigns and showed a solid following at ComicCon. Having extensive footage of ComicCon is a great bonus for fans.

Having extensive footage of ComicCon is a great bonus for fans.

"Chuck: The Beginnings" talks about the inception and development of the series. "Chuck: Through the Years" follows the growth of the characters and actors over time. There are also featurettes that focus on the end of the series. "Chuck Versus the Final Episode" shows some of the sad tender moments with the cast as they say goodbye and wrap. There is also "Goodbye, Buy More" which shows them striking the Buy More set.

There are some fun commercials for the fictional Buy More store. There is also an interesting set of interviews "Scoring the World of Chuck" which explore the elaborate scoring process of the show. It is interesting to see the subtlety and specificity of the music.

"Chuck" is a hilarious series that helped create its own place in television. The DVD set of the series provides a great farewell for fans that features the tender exclusive backstage moments and plenty of shout-outs to fans.

"Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season"

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