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Revenge - The Complete First Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Aug 22, 2012
Revenge - The Complete First Season

"Revenge" is a deep-fried Oreo for the soul. It is the kind of guilty pleasure that you're almost embarrassed to share with anyone. But, no one can really deny how good it is. The show takes the nighttime soap to a higher level. The opulent world of the Hamptons and Manhattan Royalty becomes the battleground for a high-stakes revenge plot.

Emily VanCamp takes a huge departure from her girl-next-door image to play Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke, a girl whose father was arraigned for ties to terrorism. She plans to enact revenge against everyone involved including her father's former lover Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe) and her husband Conrad (Henry Czerny). Her only ally is narcissistic tycoon Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann).

The DVD set of the first season includes commentary on the pilot, deleted scenes, bloopers and music videos for the songs "Distance" and "For You." The "music videos" are scenes from the show cut with pretty cheesy folk music. It doesn't really match the tone of the show and gives a huge cheese factor to a pretty great DVD set.

"Revenge" has all the makings of truly delicious television - sex, intrigue, suspense and really bitchy lines.

The featurette, "Road to Revenge" is a cut of a bunch of interviews that expounds on the themes of the show and filming. There are some interesting facts like they've never filmed in the Hamptons. "At Home in the Hamptons" explores all of the sets because most of the show is filmed on a soundstage. An interesting little piece is "Nolan Ross Exposed" which is an interview with Mann that is fictional interview footage that tells details about the character.

"Revenge" has all the makings of truly delicious television - sex, intrigue, suspense and really bitchy lines. The DVD set includes enough bonus features to add to the experience and some interesting tidbits to excite fans of the show. If you haven't seen it you absolutely must check out first season on DVD.

"Revenge: The Complete First Season"

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