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"Anyone But Me" Star Nicole Pacent - the next Angelina?

by Sarah Toce
Tuesday Mar 22, 2011

Hey Nicole! I've heard you've been busy! Thanks for making the time to squeeze me in!

Yeah, absolutely! So great to talk with you again! I've actually been working a lot with this agent in L.A. and going on a lot of auditions. It's funny because Anyone But Me has really been - in some big ways and some small ways - such an incredible gift. The agent that I am with right now is working with me so that I can build up my resume and join the group. He's been really helpful to me and is like my bud now. His friend is an agent for writers and I met him at this Super Bowl party. Anyway, I guess his friend represents the writer who is writing or wrote Wanted 2 with Angelina Jolie.

Well, unbeknownst to me, the producers had been doing a search for a young Angelina Jolie because there is a young version of her in the movie at some point. Well, they ended up cutting the part so it's no longer in there, but at the time, the writer's agent saw me and he called my agent to tell him to check me out. He called me and the rest is history.

You were named "The Next Angelina Jolie" by Bound magazine. You just keep crossing paths with Angelina, don't you?

And I had no clue this potential part even existed or that I was even being considered for anything! I had no idea about any of this! All I knew until Super Bowl was just that my agent had seen Anyone But Me through a friend's reference. I had no idea there was another connection other than that! It's so funny now with the internet. You never know the connections you're going to make. Now I am living in L.A. and my agent is sending me out for pilot season. Needless to say, I am very pleased with everything going on.

Headed to The Dinah

So you’re in L.A. now!

I’ve been out here now since May and have been working with my agent since June. Things are growing and I feel like I am in a really great place. So, I am glad that it looks like it was the right thing to do!

Will Anyone But Me film in L.A. now or will you be flying back to New York?

We are filming in both L.A. and New York this time around and it’s the first time this is happening. It’s great for me! I will be filming in New York and then flying back to L.A. for another project I am involved with here. It’s a total 180 role. When we wrap that shoot, Anyone But Me will be coming to L.A. and shooting here. So it’s really exciting. It’s very fun stuff.

When it rains it pours! I’m glad it’s all happening for you.

Oh my gosh, I know. It’s happened kind of in waves, too. The biggest boom of this ride for me happened almost this time last year. A lot of the web awards were noticing us and we received recognition within the business, which was huge for us. The fan base really grew for us internationally in a huge way, too.

Well, your fans are crazy about you. They will follow you anywhere.

When I did a podcast and people from 37 countries were tuning in...I was like, "what?" Wow. Fans are still so excited and we’re gaining new ones all the time. It’s almost unheard of. People have almost no attention span nowadays. Including me! The support of the fans is wonderful. Having people patiently waiting for season three is so exciting. Honestly, the fans have really kept my head in the game of it all, too, and it’s an endless overwhelming (in a good way) feeling.

Your fans will be at The Dinah with their little bells on waiting for you to walk the red carpet.

The Dinah has definitely crept up on me a little bit. I’m like, "What? I only have less than a month left?" I’m excited. It’ll be very different for me from last year so it’ll be really cool.

Why will it be different this year?

I mean, in several ways...last year I was promoting Queens of the World in a major way. I know more people on the business side of it this year. I met a really great new friend last year there at The Dinah and we’re actually going to go together this year since she’ll be working the whole event. I feel like I’m going to be more in my groove this year. That was how I felt about Provincetown when I did that, too. I look forward to these events big time. It’s like a mini-reunion feel going back and seeing new and old friends.

You know, last year at The Dinah, I had just decided to move to L.A. I had a couple of meetings following the weekend and things fell into place in such a way that I knew that I had to take advantage of it right then and there and not wait. I called my best friend and said, "We’re leaving May 6th! Start packing!" Now, being out here and established in my life and getting there in my career, I feel like I can really nurture these new experiences in a more profound way.

Okay, let’s grab a drink when we’re both at The Dinah. Right after the One More Lesbian Battle of the Lesbian Web Series. Seriously.

Definitely! We’re going to have to do it! That’s what we’re going to do.

What can you tell us about season three of Anyone But Me?

There are pretty big plot twists and turns and unexpected things in the upcoming season of Anyone But Me. I just got the script in my inbox and I was very surprised myself. Needless to say, it’s going to be very exciting. We’ll be fitting a lot into less episodes so the pace is going to pick up. I’m excited to see what is to come and I’m hoping that fans will be, too.

Get your tickets to The Dinah in Palm Springs and meet Nicole! Anyone But Me season three will be premiering in April 2011.

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