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Damages: The Complete Fourth Season

by Chris Sosa
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 26, 2012
Damages: The Complete Fourth Season

After the last season of "Damages," the show was not renewed for another season by FX. DIRECTV stepped in and picked up the final two seasons for its Audience Network. Fans of the series wondered how the shift would affect the content of the show, if at all.

Viewers were delighted to find that Damages: Season Four continued the plot elements seamlessly, arguably improving character development and pacing. Season four is a damning look at the military-industrial complex, religion, and jingoism. Based on a real life political scandal, "Damages" aims for the jugular of political corruption, foraying into a complex examination of extraordinary rendition and torture.

Season four picks up the narrative a few years after the events of the previous season, with Ellen Parson (Rose Byrn) introducing the season's case instead of Patti Hewes (Glen Close). By shifting the power dynamic, "Damages" keeps the plot from becoming formulaic or predictable. John Goodman offers a stellar performance as the season's conflicted villain.

The upcoming plot of the fifth season is teased throughout season four, as Patti's character struggles with the reality of raising a child, her granddaughter. Sessions with a therapist offer a unique insight into the character of Patti as this new facet of her character is introduced and navigated.

Special features include cast and filmmaker featurettes that flesh out the thinking behind the series, specifically the evolution of Patti Hewes and her relationship with Ellen Parsons. Glenn Close proves to be an enlightening interview subject per usual. Outtakes and deleted scenes are also included.

"Damages: Season Four"
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