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Bob’s Burgers - Season One

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Apr 30, 2012
Bob’s Burgers - Season One

"Bob's Burgers" is a hilarious animated comedy that breaks from Seth MacFarlane's stronghold on Fox. It follows a blue collar family as they try to successfully run their family Burger restaurant.

"Bob's Burgers" stars some pretty huge comedic talent. H Jon Benjamin ("Archer"), Kristen Schaal ("30 Rock") and John Roberts (Youtube) provide their hilarious comedic timing and great voices to this amazing series. It also features guest appearances by Kevin Kline, Laura and Sarah Silverman and Megan Mullally.

The DVD includes special features. It includes the original series demo that creator Loren Bouchard presented to Fox. It introduces some major changes the show made from inception to air. The show originally was about a family of cannibals. Also, Dan Mintz was originally cast as the older male son but was later re-drawn as Tina the awkward hormonal teenage daughter on the show. Also, the original art for the show had the characters as grittier and more grotesque.

The DVD also features "Louise and the Chalkboard" which features Kristen Schaal making burger puns and jokes about the show as she interacts with the Specials' chalkboard.

There are also some audio outtakes that were deleted scenes that were edgier and too hot, or long, for TV. They also showed some insight to what the recording sessions are like. There is also a music video for the song "Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night" that was featured in an episode.

The best feature is there is a commentary on every episode of the season.
"Bob's Burgers" is an amazing series that takes a break from offensive humor and cutaways to offer you genuine humor, a happy family and some smart and irreverent story ideas.

"Bob's Burgers"

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