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Jane by Design: Volume One

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Mar 26, 2012
Jane by Design: Volume One

Ahhh, isn't this fun? "Jane by Design" is simply adorable but you would have to be able to forget that this premise now has, "almost jumped the shark?" Not only are the scenarios presented reminiscent of previous film and television excursions, the leading character Jane Quimby, portrayed by Erica Dasher, is a high school teen who gets a $34,000 a year job by accident? Dasher does her best to be the girl with nothing on her mind except saving the family home from foreclosure. You see, mommy and daddy are dead and her brother can't land a job. If that's not a good enough reason to lie on your job app and "wing it," well... anyway, that's the situation, as they say. Dasher is as perky and well-adjusted as Sally Fields was at playing "Gidget."

This ABC Family television production takes its high-fashion cue blended with tyrannical female bosses, from the films and TV work of "The Devil Wears Prada," "Ugly Betty," "Just Shoot Me" and "Working Girl." Andie MacDowell, a fine actress in her own right, is reduced to a cardboard cut-out of "Amanda Priestly" ala Anna Wintour, ala Vanessa Williams or the best evil boss in the corporate world of film, Sigourney Weaver ["Working Girl"] in the television series.

"Jane by Design" may be fantastic to watch for the "girly girly" bonding of a mother and teenage daughter, but the show really is a "paper doll" and overly Xeroxed copy of the original and well-done ideal in entertainment of this fashion.

"Jane by Design"
ABC Family


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